Gonsalves To Contest 2020 Elections As Leader Of ULP

Photo Anthony Dennie

Dr Ralph Gonsalves will contest the St Vincent and the Grenadines 2020 elections as political of the Unity Labour Party.

The way has been cleared for Gonsalves as he was re – elected as political leader at a close door session of the party’s convention on Sunday 9th December 2018.

This is the 20th year that Gonsalves is leading the ULP after being elected as leader in 1998.

Other persons who were re-elected on Sunday includes Chairman of the party Edwin Snagg, Deputy Chairman Rochelle Forde and Deputy Political Leader Sir Louis Straker.

All officers were re-elected unopposed.

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  1. Ralph Gonsalves was re-elected political leader of the ULP, nothing more nothing less.

    This reappointment does not in any way mean that he will contest the next election in 2020 as leader since he has repeatedly stated that he will not do so.

    Still, if his heir apparent, his first born son, Camillo, has been badly damaged by the Yugge Farrell issue, this may convince the Comrade to run again, if only to keep Saboto Caesar from being our next Prime Minister.

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