Consultation On Medicinal Cannabis Industry Bills, Questelles And Kingstown

The Government of St. Vincent and the Grenadines is in the process of establishing a medicinal cannabis industry.  The following pieces of draft legislation have been prepared to guide the industry:

  1. Medicinal Cannabis Industry Bill 2018
  2. Cannabis Cultivation Amnesty Bill 2018
  3. The Permitted Use of Cannabis for Religious Purposes Bill 2018

A series of community consultations on the bills have been planned to educate and solicit the feedback of all stakeholders.  Two of these meetings will be held in the following communities and dates:

  1. Tuesday, August 28th Questelles at the Questelles Learning Resource Centre
  2. Thursday, August 30th – Kingstown at the Peace Memorial Hall

Both meetings commence at 6:30 p.m.

Resource persons would include Dr. Jerrol Thompson and a representative from the Attorney General’s Chambers.

The public is invited to participate in the discussion.


    • The link is that someone who is already prone to developing schizophrenia is now at risk of developing it earlier. This doesn’t change the prevalence of the disease. Schizophrenia is actually common in all populations at around 10%. The ideal thing here is to actually have mental illness managed than to blame it on cannabis. These people will likely develop schizophrenia regardless of drug use. Genetics remember. All studies also have a statistical degree of error. This is a very old study that is constantly misused to punish cannabis. Go read DSM 5. There are cannabis use disorders that can arise though.

  1. SVG is too late to enter this market. Canadian company has already signed a big deal wirh Columbia to grow and distribute on a large scale to canada and europe markets.

  2. What a topic this is for Saint Vincent! As much as I respect all that James H. says on this site and I will not deny his information on this topic either, isn’t it Medicinal Marijuana we are talking about here? Dr. Greenthumb mentions a method used by many organizations so that the public will not support certain industries. I am sure Big Pharma is behind an exaggerated hysteria concerning Medicinal Ganja, because they can expect to lose BILLIONS! Since I have been into coffee I have noticed how many people believe that coffee is as bad as smoking. There are Medical Doctors that have been drinking coffee their entire adult life and have not retired even though they are in their 80s. A good example is Dr. and former congressman Ron Paul. In some cases coffee is administered as a medicine. Coffee in excess is probably not good for anyone, but organizations, fake news and information as well as old myths have tremendous influence on human belief and behavior. In many cases coffee can raise Blood Pressure. On the good side, it helps burn fat, encourages motivation (badly needed by many in Saint Vincent) and stimulates creative-thinking. Those advised to use Medicinal Marijuana are probably not going to use it so much that they will develop Mental Disorders.

  3. My dear Duke DeArment do carefully read again what is proposed. “Parliamentary Bill” item 3 there you will see that Item 3 Parliamentary Bill is for “The Permitted Use of Cannabis for Religious Purposes Bill 2018” What therefore do you make of that proposal?
    And how about this study by scientists at the University of California in San Diego?
    “New mothers who smoke cannabis and breastfeed could be getting their babies high and affecting their brain development.”
    So again, be careful with what we do as a small nation with limited medical facilities!

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