Activist Says NDP Will Become Obsolete If They Lose 2020 Elections

Radio Announcer and political activist Laverne Phillips in a Facebook post says, while she is an ardent supporter of the New Democratic Party, should the party fail to form the government there will no longer be an NDP.

The activist stated that the party will “Become Obsolete“.

Should the Unity Labour Party government secure a fifth term in office, it will certainly be their last, she said.

“Vincentians will become weary of both parties and more than likely a new political party will emerge in St. Vincent and the Grenadines that will sweep all 15 seats”.

“To the New Democratic Party clean up your camp, its time for a house to house”.

Phillips in her post urged party officials to go out and meet Vincentians on a one to one basis.

She further stated that while the New Democratic Party is an inclusive party, there are mistakes that they cannot afford to make if they are really interested in forming government.