A sense of lawlessness pervades the land


On Friday September 22nd, 2017, two men were shot to death. The following day, Saturday September 23rd, a young woman was shot to death, two bullets to the head we are told.

A day later a man died in hospital from gunshot wounds he had sustained days earlier. He was elderly and had been shot 8 times! On Monday September 25th two person were shot in Vermont, one of them died as a result.

On the same day, another man – a security guard–was found dead, at Fairburn Pasture.

His throat was slashed! On Tuesday in Kingstown, in broad daylight, a man was shot to death and a woman wounded at the bus terminus.

This all happened over a period of just five days! Thirty-two people have been killed so far in 2017! No wonder people throughout our country are in a state of disbelief and shock, as they wonder who is next, or what comes next? A sense of lawlessness pervades the land.

The country, it appears, has become ungovernable. We recall that the same people who are in government today and appear

impotent in the face of the rising tide of crime and violence, when they were in Opposition blamed the Prime Minister James Mitchell and then Commissioner of Police, Randolph Toussaint, for all the crime in the country.

Murders, drug trafficking, burglaries, you name it, it was Mitchell’s and Toussaint’s fault.  Who must take responsibility now?

Dr. Ralph Gonsalves as Prime Minister and Minister of National Security must bear responsibility for the situation in the country.

As Prime Minister and Minister of National Security, he has permitted the situation to get out of hand and evidently can no longer control it.

But there is a context for understanding where we are today. Recall that after their loss in the 1998 general elections leaders of the ULP said they would make this country ungovernable.

People heard that call to lawlessness. I say “lawlessness” because it is only lawlessness that can make a country ungovernable.

Now that the ULP holds the reins of government, they find that the chickens have come home to roost, and  they are now powerless to do anything about it!

How else can we  explain initial silence on the matter and, later their response of trying to downplay the situation, by Gonsalves, for example, asking if he must

have a press conference every time someone is killed; or Senator Francis saying on radio that the shootings are not intended for innocent persons but are gang and drug related.

Does that make it less of a problem? Do the rest of society– the innocents– throw up our hands, lock ourselves in our homes at night and let the carnage rage outside? Surely such an approach is an admission of governmental incompetence and failure!

There was early evidence of this incompetence and failure on the part of the government. In the Searchlight Newspaper of August 27, 2010, Ralph Gonsalves made the following analysis:

“Most crimes”, he said “by far, are committed by young men between the ages of 17 and 35 years who have had little formal schooling, who possess few marketable skills, who have come from dysfunctional families (often without a male father figure), and who are poor, who do not attend church, who are invariably part of a loose sub-culture of crime, and whose life histories suggest social alienation and psychological scars which predispose them to crime.”

Having made that analysis as Prime Minister and Minister of National Security, one would have expected that Gonsalves and his government would have implemented creative and effective strategies of intervention to improve the situation.

Instead, 7 years after Gonsalves made that analysis and 16 years of a professed commitment to be “tough on crimeand the causes of crime”, SVG is plagued with 32 homicides and we are still only in September! And our country is contending for the dubious distinction of having one of the highest murder rates in the world!

And to date, not a reassuring word from our Minister of National Security or from the Commissioner of Police! How is this possible? This is so because this ULP regime is about the rhetoric, sound bites and about the appearance (as opposed to thesubstance) of intellect. For them, all you must do is sound bright. Part of

Part of the problem here is that “they too bright.” They posture and beat their chests, while Vincentians in general sink into despair as our sons and daughters are wantonly murdered.

How do we explain the brutality being inflicted by and on our young people? Many may agree that people are angry and frustrated and that such feelings are fed by poverty and joblessness, exacerbated by the policies of the ULP rulers, who demands that you must own the party to get a job to take care of yourself and feed your children.

This ULP regime has constructed this present reality by their discriminatory policies and by fostering an environment that emboldens criminals.

Remember: the murder of Glen Jackson and killing of Edgar Cruikshank; the reinstatement of police officers who were convicted of police officers who were convicted of crimes; the slap on the wrist given to former Registrar Tamara Gibson- Marks for stealing court money; the parcelling out of jobs to their children, party hacks and other associates; and the lack of accountability in the spending of government money?


  1. This man Godwin Friday. Who claims to be opposition leader is a nonsense man .This kinds of statements revealed the fact he cannot be a leader for any country. Being the greatest leader of a country there is no way u can control the violence and crime. The citizens are the ones that can control this by stop killing each other’ Gonsalves cannot be in every village in the state to say put that gun down. You can lead a horse to water but u can’t make him drink it. Are you saying to us Mr Friday if you become pm you can control that. Gonsalves is a very smart intelligent and eloquent and capable man. I have known him for years. So Mr Friday go take a backseat and reedudate your damn self

    • That must be why there are countries that have a larger population than SVG but have no more than one(1) murder a year. Your logic stinks! I see that the ULP creates so much unemployment that they have to pay trolls like you to put this propagandistic info on the internet. My question is: How much are they paying you? Wouldn’t you be better-off with a real job?…then you should vote NDP because Dr. Friday seems to have the solutions we need and Ralph has proven that HE DOES NOT!
      “Vincentians can pick bananas but they can’t pick leaders”…let’s prove that wrong for once!

      • Yes Mr lostpet avg government does not pay me . Am not living there but am a well educated vincentian living abroad. Though I listen and follow what’s going on . You need some education and some sense that may give you a little more money. I was living there and the pm before in the previous years did mot do anything for that damn country. That country was no better off. Politicians are crooks who always promise when they are not in office.. but when they get their they look out for their families not you. I REALISE YOU ARE YOING AND NAIVE. You are listening to your friends and families. The pm is the smartest most intelligent man in svg. None of these other fellas cannot run that country. Lastly no politician can make the citizens safe they all need education to make a better life and make smarter decision.ulp is always going to be in power until the pm retire resign or had enough term. Then the country is lost

        • Oh, so you are an educated man. Where do I say “country” in my comment. I said population and I actually meant cities. I have lived in cities with 100,000 population and that average one murder per year.

          • Have you forget what you write and it’s still there written. Or perhaps you cannot read what you write. Go back up to your paragraph and look at the 7th word in the paragraph it says countries if you cannot read your own erring I don’t expect you to read mind.

  2. Mr .Friday come on a sense of lawlessness. Do you know citizens can disobey the law no matter how many laws are put in place in a country. How can Mr Gonsalves correct the mentality of a person who decides to commit crime. That’s a small minded talk. Am expecting better response from you seriously don’t be little the man in till you walk in his shoes. Now speak to the citizens not the pm. Who is a smart decision making man.

    • Bonadine, You are right. I |DID write countries but I did not mean it. I do not know how I wrote that because SVG is the smallest country I have lived in. I have lived in many cities with a population of SVG that sometimes have NO murders in a year. At this minute the only country I know of so small that often has NO murders is Gibraltar.
      I stand corrected. I believe I was starting to write one thing and then wrote another. It is probably my frustration at having to live in a country with such a terrible government as SVG. Making penalties harder and talking tough will do very little. The present government has to instead enact legislation whereby the Private Sector can create opportunity. Instead the Government is obsessed with its own greed making opportunity an unobtainable goal for most.

  3. They hit the nail on the head with this article. It makes me wonder what is in the heads of those who continue to vote for poverty, unemployment, greed, arrogance, cronyism, crime and dishonesty.
    We all know that the last election was “tainted” The question is: How much? Why is the ULP so frightened of the election petitions going to court that they have delayed it for all these years now? If it was free and fair, why not just let it have its’ day in court and get it behind us?

  4. “Bonadine H”, it is clearly obvious that your MIND is way TOO SMALL to be wandering about social media on its own without a leash. You could cause harm to yourself and others around you with your nonsensical and idiotic writings. You simply do not have the capacity to understand Dr. Friday’s statements. Please don’t even try to..

    • Kinda of sad to hear you say .small mind.am an educated woman
      Living abroad. Many people in svg sit around do not get an education to make themselves better off and make better decision
      It does not matter who anyone vote for ulp or n d p . They not going to make anyone better off the young people have to get a good education. So they can love a decent living and make better decision. Stop killing each other.it does not matter who is the pm people are going to sneak guns in the country. Andvthey going to kill who they want to kill. So it’s the citizens not the pm

  5. IF AND when Mr Friday get in power. Had they start killing each other. Let me see what he going to say or do to stop it. Can president trump president Obama or president Clinton stoped all the killing that happen during their presidency. It’s impossible no matter what you do. No matter what rile and laws they have in America. This is nonsensical . Blame the citizens not the leaders

  6. It’s ridiculous.. That these people are being critic of educated people when they speak and write so bad. Things like “ah whey ya deh”

  7. The wannabe wants to in charge so bad that he would say anything, and how he is blaming the wrong man of all the murders that are taking place on the island. He needs to think before he speak. This might come back to hunt him. We need to support each other. After all how do you people sleep at night. Think twice before you speak.

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