95 students begin first term spanish classes at the Venezuelan Institute

On January 13th , the Embassy of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines through the Venezuelan Institute for Culture and Cooperation (VICC) “Hugo Chavez” conducted the orientation class for the new group of Vincentian students commencing the first term for 2020 (January-March) of the Spanish courses and Venezuelan culture workshops.

A total of 95 students began the first term of the 2020 academic activities at levels 1, 2, 3, 4 and 7 of the Spanish language, through which they will be able to strengthen their learning of Spanish, as well as of the Venezuelan culture. Students will be able to participate in the different aesthetic-recreational workshops: Musical Expression, Venezuelan and Caribbean Literature; and for the first time in the Institute the Latin Music Dance Workshop will be opened with an emphasis on salsa.

Francisco Pérez Santana, Head of the Venezuelan mission in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines welcomed the forty-four (44) new students of the Institute and took the opportunity to speak to them about the current financial economic war that is raging through Venezuela due to the continuous unilateral measures of the US government on the Homeland of Bolívar and Chávez “Despite the coercive and unilateral measures imposed by the Trump administration, the Bolivarian Government led by President Nicolás Maduro continues to work for the Diplomacy of the Peoples and thus strengthen the Venezuelan and Caribbean culture and traditions. We follow the path that our commander Chávez taught us: battle, fight and victory. We will continue with our Institute’s doors open; teaching, creating, training and transforming”.

Academic coordinator of the VICC, Professor Andreína Bermúdez made a presentation to the new students, showing the history and mission of the VICCs in the Caribbean which were created to project the sociocultural image of Venezuela in the Caribbean in such a way that Venezuelan cultural programs are disseminated “ For the Bolivarian Government, the Venezuelan cultural Institutes are the articulating element for the development of the identity values ​​of the Venezuelan, Latin American and Caribbean idiosyncrasy. It is a great joy for the Bolivarian Government to receive all of you today with the purpose of strengthening your integral education and that the Spanish language and Venezuelan culture are the route to achieve it,  I invite you to be part of the different cultural activities that are carried out at the Embassy in order to strengthen the bonds of friendship between the two peoples.”

Mrs. Diana Cyrus, Level 1 Spanish Teacher at the VICC, and student Maxine Browne shared their experience at the Institute and encouraged students to achieve their goal of learn it “learning Spanish at the Venezuelan Institute is fun, since I am here at the Embassy, learning Spanish has opened my world to; art, music, cooking, fashion, cinema and of course, dance. I have also cultivated my sensitivity towards other peoples and I understand today more than yesterday how brave the Venezuelan people are and the political history that emerges from there. Please make use of this opportunity, ”said Browne.