August 9, 2020

31yro man survives Kidnapping and Beating on Friday Night

Police have now identified Dale Lyttle a 31yrs labourer of Paul Over as the owner of Motor Vehicle P3828 a white Audi car.

On Friday night News784 understands that Lyttle was parked in the Richmond Hill area, while sitting in the driver’s seat two men passed by to which he payed no attention. However, the two in question made an about turn and pointed a gun at Lyttle demanding money in the process.

Lyttle according to the source was forced to sit in the back seat of the car while the assailants drove off with him.

During such journey, Dale received a beating about his body with a .38  revolver.

News784 was further told that Upon reaching the Casson Hill area, Lyttle was able to take the gun away from his attacker, he then fired shots at his attacker killing him in the process.

From such action, the driver crashed the vehicle and took off. The source told News784 Lyttle at this time got out of the vehicle in search of help.

 It would appear that Lyttle’s guiding angel was in control since the next car to appear when Lyttle needed help was one the mobile patrol team of the SVG Police Force.

The deceased is still a John Doe. Investigations according to information obtained are ongoing

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