Young Gymnasts At Dolphin Gymnastics Taught About ‘Citizenship’.

On Wednesday April 10, 2019, Head of the Public Relations and Complaints Office and the Anti-trafficking in Persons Unit in the Royal St. Vincent and the Grenadines Police Force, RSVGPF), Assistant Superintendent of Police, Junior Simmons addressed the students at the Dolphin Gymnastics and Health Academy and encouraged them to strive to be good citizens.

Speaking on the topic “The importance of being a responsible citizen”, ASP Simmons told the students that in order for them to live up to the role of being responsible citizens, there are some character traits and qualities that they must seek to possess.

ASP Simmons informed the students that at the heart of being a responsible citizen is “character”. He told them that their character says who they truly are and encouraged them to cultivate a positive mindset.

He expounded on several qualities that will help shape the way the students think and act as responsible citizens including:-  self-respect, respect for authority, self-discipline, honesty and integrity, following rules and regulations, upholding the law, taking responsibility for their actions and showing Godly love to others.

The students were very receptive to the presentation and participated by way of asking pertinent questions and making positive suggestions.

The RSVGPF wishes to thank the Mr. and Mrs. Williams, owners and directors of the academy for extending the invitation to the police to inculcate in the minds of the students some of the tenets of citizenship.

The children were attending an Easter Camp at the academy’s home located at the former Mustique Airways Hanger at the decommissioned E.T Joshua Airport facility in Arnos Vale.