XITO APP Will Make You!

CEO- Lisa Clarke

Few apps in the Caribbean have managed to revolutionise the concept of shopping the way XITO plans too.

Described by its founder Lisa Clarke as a “digital marketing company offering exclusive members only deals through a lifestyle app”, XITO is on a mission to “change the way we shop! Xito is here to connect businesses with buyers in search of more experiences, more services, more savings.”

XITO’s story began two years ago, back in Mexico City, with a website acting as an online platform that connected members of the English-speaking expat and foreigner community with English-speaking businesses in Mexico City.

Wanting to offer residents of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines the same access to services and products from businesses with the added convenience of an app, XITO’s founder has intimated that the company has “active plans” to expand XITO’s outreach to include seven other islands within the next six months.

Commenting on XITO’s rapidly growing partner network, XITO’s CEO went on to say that “Despite the uncertain economic climate, XITO’s advertising packages are budget friendly – as we like to say, “XITO has an advertising package for every budget.”

XITO is helping entrepreneurs and companies broaden their customer base and organically increase their business through the incentives posed by deals or discounts.

“We are delighted that many businesses have partnered with XITO, and we are eager to create countless more lasting collaborations with like-minded individuals and companies that share our vision of giving back to both consumers and society as a whole.”

Clarke said, “XITO members want to shop smarter using their mobile devices or tablets, they want to experience more, and we are committed to bringing more home for members and businesses alike through our online platform and mobile app”.

Exclusive deals can be found for restaurants, business services, back to school, recreational and sporting goods, anything you could be in search of could be on our platform.

“Life is about doing more, experiencing more, and being more mindful of how we can connect with those who are most important to us.”

The aim of XITO’s app is to foster a healthy relationship with both its users and their communities, making it just as much an offline community as it is online.

“Event listings for-charity and for-causes will be free on the  platform.”

The XITO app is available for download from the Google Play Store our IOS app will soon be released

To learn more about XITO, please visit: http://xitoapp.com/xitoapp

To keep up with news and updates, follow XITO on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


  1. Would you please explain “XIto” for and other readers. Not all of us are that smart or can read and spell.

  2. The problem is that people in SVG have no money. It is difficult to shop without money, and luckily we are denied going into debt like the Americans.

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