Wyz-skid's "Mudda Corn" Creating Controversy

Controversy swirls around a field full of corn! Well not literally, it’s about the artist Wyz-skid and his song “Mudda Corn” for Vincy Mas 2017.

The song, according to people in the music business, “boasts one of the sweetest melodies for the season, with a storyline that puts the spotlight on relationships gone wrong”.

Travis ‘Wyz-skid’ Lynch told News784, that coming out of Green Hill where he resides, he is no stranger to farming, hence the influence on the content of the song.

Wyz-skid says that over the years people would hear his music, but did not pay particular attention to him as an artiste.

“I wrote the song; it’s filled with controversy. I expected it to ruffle some feathers and attract the necessary attention to Wyz-skid the artiste. Thus far I can say it has and continues to achieve the necessary outcome”.

“The situation I explained in the song, is about a man investing everything in a woman, and he got messed up”.

“I think men should be more conservative with what they do as it relates to women, a lot of people say woman rule, but you also have to be concerned about the men, the song brings out that awareness”.

The song which is brewing in controversy has already been banned on Xtreme Radio 104.3 FM. Lynch briefed News784 on the recent development:

“Well I call the manager, the program manager, I don’t know what role, but I think is the program manager who is ‘Basic’ (Davon Cato), and he told me the song was too slack, so the song was pulled”.

“He told me that he was trying to get on to me, but he did not for some strange reason”.

“I was even saying, in the email in which I sent the song he could have just reply and tell me the content was not suitable for airing on Xtreme”.

“So that’s it, they have pulled it from playing on that radio station”.

Travis ‘Wyz-skid’ Lynch

But just as that situation was being played out, the corn was being uprooted elsewhere too. This time it was being ploughed up by BOOM 106.9 FM.

Wyz-skid says, “There was a Pastor calling, saying the song was no talent, and he does not see any creativity behind the song.

Also, ‘Bing’ (Dwight Joseph) was creating a sort of controversy saying that children would misrepresent what was being said in the song.

“Songs like my track have been written before, played on the radio, and aired at other shows since I was a child. So I am not sure what the reasoning behind the castigation is”.

Despite the current wave of controversy, Wyz-skid leaves this message for his supporters:

“To all my fans, looking forward to seeing you Saturday night at Black Rave. Wyz-Skid is going to light it up and burn down some corn!”

News784 has included the song for those who may not have a chance to see the artiste perform at Black Rave.
By Ernesto Cooke

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