Work Begins on Black Sands Resort St Vincent

Work has begun on the newest addition to St Vincent and the Grenadines tourism sector. Earlier this week the clearing of lands and roadways started in earnest, for the Black Sands Resort at Peters Hope.

The project would utilize local architects and builders during the construction phase. The 2018 fiscal year marks the beginning of a new thrust in the expansion of our hotel room stock

Earlier this month Minister of Finance Camilo Gonsalves said that the project had already received planning permission for the first phase.

“The Blacksands Resort, a multi-million dollar development in Peters’ Hope, has obtained the necessary first-phase, planning permissions and will commence construction this year”.

The project consists of 40 villas, totalling 160 rooms, and a 200-room hotel. Post-construction, the Resort is anticipated to employ 300 Vincentians when it is fully operational.

The minister further stated that the Government has made no secret of its intention to construct a state-owned, private-sector managed hotel or hotels to add 200 – 350 rooms to the current stock of high-quality tourist accommodation.

This model is common throughout the region, with the Barbados Hilton, the Trinidad and Tobago Marriott and the Saint Kitts and Nevis Marriott being just a few of the many state-owned facilities that are managed by major international brands.


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  1. Those who were at the groundbreaking ceremony remember hearing that the resort will be finished by the summer of 2018, in other words by June this year. They are going to have to work really fast.

    • False. Construction was originally slated to begin in October 2017 and take 24-36 months to complete. Get your facts straight, please.

      • I must have been misinformed by someone who was at the ceremony and talked to the Canadian investor. I know for a fact I heard the PM say it will take two years. He said that multiple times! Maybe he left out the fact of when it was supposed to start. Maybe he learned by all the false Airport opening dates that he gave out for all those years, not to mention the mystery cost that has never been announced.

        • I am referring the mystery cost of the airport, to compare to a mystery starting date to start building the Black Sands Resort which was NEVER announced. I assumed they were starting after the Ground-breaking Ceremony which is normally why they have a Ground-breaking ceremony.

        • The not-so-mystery cost is $US 60 million of which one of the owners, Joseph Romano, said they had $US 30 million (see ).
          I was at the groundbreaking and actually spoke to Mr. Romano about some of these issues.
          It was clear that it would take several months to do all the survey and architectural work and then get the plans approved. Much of the material and furnishing would have to come overseas and this will also take time.
          If the cottages (falsely termed “villas”) and hotel are actually ever fully completed, which I hope happens, I estimate that this would not happen earlier than November 2021.

      • I am afraid that Lostpet is right on this one David. I remember very well that the construction was to begin right away and will take two years. National Properties and the Prime Minister echoed this as well. David, I do not know where you got your information but it must have been new revised information after everyone realized that the “groundbreaking” ceremony was not a groundbreaking ceremony at all because they did not start building the resort at that time.

        • Nonsense. How could anyone, including the PM, sauy that it would begin right away, which he did not say because I was right on the spot to here him, when no site surveys or other preliminary work had even started.

  2. I truly welcome this project, as well as any legitimate tourist project on the mainland, and wish it all the success in the world, particularly because I go to Mt. Wynne Monday to Friday for a sea bath between December and April and hope that the resort would allow the paid use of some of its facilties, such as the bar and restaurant, to non resort visitors.
    I also hope that, in the interest of good community relations, Pace Developments, the developer, would improve and enhance the decrepit amenities and beach road at Mt. Wynne to make them more attractive to we locals.

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    Other than that I have no time with you.

  4. I find it very annoying that people who finds problems with every single project that is announced by the government of svg has never supported any of these projects and will never used any of them but have all the negative things to spree on social media…most of them live abroad and has never traveled back because they can’t but want everything done in a hurry…there are plans made up and present but as work begins you run into delays and problems that cost time and money to overcome that’s why they are called plans…most people who criticize everything the government is trying to do for the country and also the people of svg has never even accomplished anything thing in there own live I.E.”building your house” wants everything in a hurry but can’t finish a simple project of their own home but would try to give their expertise in building large projects on the nation’s scale…
    P.S. Rome was not built in a day nor the great wall of China or the beautiful pyramids of Egypt…

  5. Who is in charge of the hiring ??
    There are male residence of layou who have experienced in the construction of the buccument resort as labours and they have been going to the black sand site asking a raster guy for jobs and he turned them down and say he the one who hire and fire worker but he’s not ready for more workers after turning some down he will then hire someone who comes after the ones he turns down

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