August 13, 2020

Women Takes All In Facey – Fruta Shopping Spree

If you still don’t believe that “Women Run things”, well the four winners of the Facey Trading SVG Limited, Fruta Shopping Spree should convince you that they do.

In its Christmas promotion for 2018, Facey and Fruta afforded four lucky persons a shopping Spree along with 6 Hamper winners.

On Tuesday 18th December a day filled with fun and excitement, four ladies did their best to grab 1000 dollars’ worth of groceries from four supermarket shelves, just in time for the holidays.


The first shopping spree was hosted at Massy Supermarket in Kingstown with winner Ingrid Foster Theobalds of Green Hill, she began her journey through the isles at 9:00 A.M

Foster Theobalds noted she was nervous about doing the shopping spree as she really shops at Massy Supermarket in Stoney Ground and was not familiar with the Kingstown branch.

Her items came up to EC $992.49. She said she was excited at the end because she got the items that she needed. Several of her items had to be shelved since they went over the allotted amount.

The second shopping spree was conducted at Bonadie Supermarket #1 with winner Perricia Andrews from Chester Cottage.

In her 10:00 A.M spree, Andrews picked up only ham and liquor going over the amount significantly and had to put back most of her items. Her totaled was EC $995.79.

The third shopping spree was won by Nadine Lauren of Clare Valley. Lauren’s spree took place at Randy’s Supermarket in Kingstown from 11:00 A.M.

She picked up a wide variety of items by the sack and cases, her shopping spree amounted to EC $1000.80.

But of all the Shopping Sprees number Four was perhaps the most exciting.

Shoppers cleared the isles as Nadine Grecia of Villa, the fourth shopping spree winner as she made her run for items at Greaves Market Place in Pembroke.

She was perhaps the most excited to have won as she took her shoes off and ran around the supermarket interchanging two shopping carts and was cheered on by other persons in the supermarket.

 She also had her shopping list writing on her hand, her shopping was on point, placing back one item and totaled EC 996.58.

The Winners of the Hamper Draw included, Kenneth Andrews, Cindie Joseph, Marshant Scotland, Aschelle Crooke, James Wilson, and Hazelann Bascombe.

Facey Trading SVG Limited and Fruta wishes all a Merry Christmas and a happy 2019.

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