Women Injured In Van Crash, Robbed On Thursday Night

Two women who were onboard a minivan which crashed in the Ratho Mill area yesterday, were robbed on Thursday night.

Both ladies who hail from Bequia were on their way from the Stubbs Poly-Clinic yesterday, and heading into Kingstown when the vehicular accident occurred.

Nadia Gooding and Nadine Gooding, suffered injuries in the crash and were brieftly hospitalized. Upon release, the Grandmother and Granddaughter made their way to the Peace Memorial Hall bus stop awaiting a ride to stay with family members for the night.

Just after 9pm, while awaiting transportation, two unknown assailants robbed the women of their bags including i.d’s and money. The men reportedly wore masks and crept up behind the women, relieving them of their bags. No weapons were reportedly used in the assault.

The women were not hurt physically during the robbery, but were left severely traumatized, compounded by the effects of battering they suffered in the minibus crash earlier that evening.


  1. Am a born Vincentian living in England
    All I seem to be reading is violence murder or theifts. Or politicians up to some mischief. It was a pleasure to reading something positive for a change regarding the graduation celebrations.

  2. Who here is exempted from this excessive Gun violence in this very, very poorly governed country of ours?
    Day after day some other family is found shedding volumes of tears and weeping for their loved ones as hell comes a’calling!
    Who is to deliver us from such disaster?

  3. Whenever one watches a wild life documentary on television, we see the jungle or open savanna for what they truly are, dark covered jungle or open grass savanna, where wild animals engage themselves in endless stalking, killing and robbing each others of their kill.
    So it is here in SVG. Welcome to our Savanna! Observe our dark jungle!

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