Woman Reportedly Slapped By Police To Face Courts With Three Charges

A 25 yro woman who has accused a police officer of repeatedly slapping her on Saturday 11th August in capital city Kingstown, has been slapped with three charges.

Ashieka Lyttle a resident of New Montrose was arrested on Saturday night and was granted bail in the sum of EC$3,000 following her arrest.

Eyewitnesses say that the woman was slapped by the officer while holding a young child in her hand.

She will face the courts today with three charges, assaulting a police officer, using indecent language and resisting arrest.

The police officer involved in the incident has been identified as police constable Delroy Williams.

The matter is expected to heard in the Kingstown Magistrate Court today.


  1. I wonder if the matter would be “adjourned a few times then finally withdrawn” whenever the matter is called in court?
    The video should support a call for “wrongful arrest”, but do we have the lawyers who would take up the case for justice by the lady and her child?

  2. Knew of this website.
    But usually visit Iwitness News.
    Just visited and lucky to see and read
    comments of a ‘…former schoolmate
    Lennox Daisley'(Colonarie Roman Catholic).
    Principal and father, Hubert E. A. Daisley
    What about siblings-‘…Errie; …Larry
    and John and sister…? Do not remember her name.
    Best Regards to all.
    Rawlston Pompey
    (fomerly Colonarie)
    Antigua & Barbuda

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