Woman Killed From Fight Between Gangs in Fairhall

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News784 was informed that a young woman is now dead following a fight between gangs in the constituency of East St George.

This media house understands that the murdered woman is 22 yro Simonia DaSilva of Fairhall. According to information obtained the 22yro received multiple stab wounds about her body.

She received stab wounds to her breast, shoulder, right arm, and back. DaSilva was rushed to the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital for medical attention; she later succumbed to her injuries.

The incident took place sometime after 12 am on Monday 4th September, 2017. At the time of this publication, no one was in police custody.

The woman’s death will bring the homicide count in St. Vincent to 24 for the year.


  1. So now life in SVG is vicious. Therefore, first it calls for families forming a round table discussion with the Head of household- grandparents, parents, aunts and uncles- pulling their clan and telling the facts of what is happening and discussing WAYS OF AVOIDING, MOVING AWAY FROM these impending events. Stay close to home, know whom you are dealing with. Encourage the children to read books, look at movies. Above all they must choose their friends. They must go to the church of their choice and they must read the bible. This death- a gruesome death- stab wounds to a young woman is so unacceptable. I hope they find the criminal soon; and I know they will. Do they hang in SVG? If not, they need to bring it back for these heinous crimes.

  2. My Condolences goes out to the entire family of the death of Simone. Why is Vincentians killing each other I am so sad for this young lady gone too soon. May you Rest in Peace.

    • How do you know she was involved or not?.The fact is this woman is dead. Another one of our young adult gone too soon. What kind of joke is this?

  3. What a horror! If these young people had jobs they probabably would not form gangs; or they would have different interests other than hate. This sort of thing only happens in environments of socio-economic competition such as slums, prisons and areas where there is little or NO opportunity. If there is no money, often respect is the only commodity of value and disrespecting someone is like taking their money. This becomes dangerous and needs to be replaced with some behavioral attitude that is not dangerous, such as decent jobs, secondary schools or just a pride in accomplishment.
    To be able to do this we first need real leaders; Except for some of the churches, this is something Saint Vincent does not have right now.

  4. Let me not be associated with that “James” above who appears to have prejudged the the situation’s and conflict. So may I ask, were you there good friend? Were you a party or observer to those goings on that you should make the statement above?

    What we do know for sure is that SVG is in a state of terrible flux with an ever increasing degree of lawlessness because our grossly incompetent Government who have allowed Law and Order to breakdown.

    Law and Order have broken down here as the Government in leadership are pursuing their own ends, leaving the rest of Vincentians to fend for themselves. And what a state we are in with these constant murders!

    There is an often repeated truism, a well known proposition that is commonly held and often repeated, that says, when the head is bad and is truly rotten, so follows the rest of the body.

  5. As Becket says love is the answer.lets get together love one another. Stop fighting and killing fellow conventions. Other countries fight their enemy which is another country.we should celebrate our beautiful country. So much improvements.and beauty to behold stop killing each other. If u kill u live with that for the rest of your life. One love vincy

  6. My condolences to the dasilva family but ppl we need to be fair here to this story have four sides your side my side the judge side n God side so we can’t sit n judge no one at this time yes in this situation someone is dead we all acknowledge that but no one knows what happen it could of been self defense as well so we can’t point on anyone but be strong

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