Woman Howls In Kingstown! “I Want My Title Deed”

On Friday around midday, Passersby who heard howling sounds coming from the entrance to the upper floor of the Building and Loan, told News784 that at first, they thought it was an animal in the building’s stairway.

However, on further inspection, a full body woman was seen sitting on the steps leading to the upper floor of the institution, howling and making a plea for the title deed to her property be handed over.

The Individuals who spoke to News784 told us that the woman kept saying she can’t owe the lawyer $32,000 dollars up to this time.

It was not clear what kind of legal work was performed on the woman’s behalf,  according to those who spoke to News784.

This is where the woman sat on Friday.

We were further told that the woman indicated to persons looking on, that her property is valued over 1 million dollars, and keep asking if this was the reason why the lawyer was not handing over her title deed.

Up to the time of this publication, the woman who sat on the steps of Building and Loan, and howled is still relatively unknown.

The only information so far is that she hails from Layou.

Who is this woman who hails from Layou?

Who is this lawyer the woman speaks of?

These and other questions are to be answered, News784 will follow up on this story in a future article.

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