Woman Accuses Vincy Police Of Killing Her Father

Daughther of Stilson Harold

A woman who has identified herself as the daughter of Stilson Harold who was shot on Thursday evening in Vermont has accused police officers of killing her father.

According to a police report, Harold attacked the Police with a cutlass as they went to his home in response to an incident reported by his son.

The young woman also accused the police of going to her mother’s home and shooting it up, even destroying her bed

In a Facebook video post, she asserts that somebody will have to pay for what took place.

“So these police officers who went into my father’s house on Thursday 16th and ended his life, you will pay for this, trust me you will pay for this!” the woman repeated.

The woman said she needs the video to reach to the Prime Minister because, “if this is the state St Vincent has come to, where you can run up into someone’s home and shoot them, and put in the tabloids that my father was armed, so you shot and took him to the hospital and he refused treatment”.

She further said, “He was dead before he went to the hospital, and you told the tabloids he refused treatment, who the f…k will refuse treatment when they are shot? He isn’t that crazy!”

The emotional woman in her video said, “The Prime Minister of SVG has a lot to answer as to how police can run up into people’s home and just kill them”.

“When I wake up at 9 am on Friday morning I am calling the police station and you guys better have some explanation for me, as to why you all killed my f..k..g father, this shit is not gonna end here!”

“Ralph Gonsalves in SVG, Leasha Richards Prescott Harold, all that is my name. You all going to have to answer to me as to why you all killed my father, and my mother don’t have anywhere to live because you guys destroyed her house”

“Somebody is going to have to build back my mother’s house, buy back her bed, fix back her windows, this shit is unacceptable! You can’t just run up into somebody’s house and kill them!”

“What if my mother had children in that house? What if my mother was in that house? You just decide you big and in charge! It’s not going to end here! I am coming to SVG!”

The woman called on PM Gonsalves to ‘fix the Police force’, and added that ‘you can’t have police running up into people’s house and killing them, then saying they refuse treatment’.

In her final lamentations, Leasha Richards Prescott Harold said, “I don’t have a father. My sister and brother doesn’t have a father, so you all need to figure out who killed my father because that is murder.”


  1. Why the expletives? However, she said something intresting, why an injured person will refuse treatment? This is illogical. I believe he was dead before he reached the hospital.
    I suggesthink hiring a……

  2. Why are people complaining about the young woman’s language? She just lost her father. She probably got a call saying…surprise! the police killed your dad. Wouldn’t you be upset? The police of SVG are really out of control. They are often described as being bigger criminals than the criminals themselves. Most everyone will agree the SVG police are a disgrace to law enforcement.

  3. I wonder why do they always call out Ralph? Don’t they know they are P,R,Os in place for situations like this?

    • Maybe it is because Ralph is in charge of National Security. Did you ever consider that. By saying Ralph is completely blameless and making excuses for his poor leadership is not going to make things better. He has to stop raising taxes and thereby give incentives for investment so jobs can be created so that all our jobless have other ways to earn a living rather than crime.

  4. Is the accusation by his son is false?
    Was he armed when approached by the police?
    Was there any family member there during the altercation with the police who can counteract the police version of the event?
    This lady better go dip herself 8n cold water to cut down the steam she throwing off before she approaches anyone? If not she might just make a bad situation turn worst.

  5. There is simply no excuse for this gutter trash behavior, this ignorance… coming from this young woman. And that is just what it is, boldfaced “gutter thrash” and “ignorance”.
    Does she know, is she aware of the police version what happened? Or the statement from the hospital personnel, their report? And, if so, does she believe them? Or, is it that, in her estimation, the …Commissioner of Police Colin John, and the attending staff at the hospital are all liars ?
    It is reported by the Commissioner, that the “son”, her brother, went to the police station bleeding ,to file a report, having being stabbed by the father . The police responded, went to the home… was threatened by the father brandishing a cutlass, and they shot him in the leg. (Now if this was in the USA, her home-land probably, he was a dead man. Actually killed by the police themselves, not from bleeding to death. And I doubt we’d expect this kind of foolish behavior from her because, “we done know in the USA they shoot to kill… regardless”!! Or maybe she might have behaved even worse, or I could be wrong.)
    The SVG police did not kill this individual outright, they might have caused his death, by kindly shooting him in the leg, (which is exceptionally gracious…their lives being threatened) and he was still alive when taken to and at the hospital.
    At the hospital, it was mentioned that he refused treatment, and bled to death before being treated. End of story.
    All this cussing and threatening, this braggadocios posturing on YouTube Facebook and the likes, is a sure sign of backwardness, culminating in this ridiculous behavior and as I said before ignorance.
    This isn’t no political issue! In her head it appears so, and seems as the intended direction where she and this is headed.

    • Yes, the SVG Police should have the right to bully, intimidate and kill anyone they like. SVG Police are now being trained in the USA so they can behave like those police and learn to beat up and kill innocent people and keep them in a state of fear just as their partners, the criminals do. We need to pay even more taxes to get more police, to start curfews, lock-ups, random strip searches and other fun things.

  6. The story does add up at all, it b will take a massive collusion at the hospital for everyone to come you the s as me conclusion . Ralph is the head of security but I doubt he orders his police force to kill anyone.
    The behavior of his USA based daughter is inexcusable. I sympathize with her but there is absolutely no need for such foul languages. Family tradegy yes but there are symptoms of being disfunctional.She should do the right thing and hire and lawyer.

  7. Why every thing happen in SVG they calling Ralph name he aint sending any one to kill no body out there please
    Look at all the other killing that taking place in other countries and state and you not hearing anyone saying is the prime minister nor the president only in Vincy what ah darm shame.

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