Wholesale Denunciation Of Police By Irresponsible Commentators

The men and women who put themselves on the line daily for the protection of the nation should be commended not dragged through the mud, this is the view of Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves. Gonsalves said that negative peddlers on a daily basis are doing damage to the trust between the police and the public.

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  1. Gonsalves is only using the matter to score political points for himself and to attack Godwin Friday. Instead of using the press to “bad mouth” the opposition he should be making decisions that better the life of all Vincentians. Instead of raising taxes, he should be making policy that fosters the creation of jobs. Instead he does the opposite, and when the opposition criticizes him for it he attacks them. Is this leadership or just excuse-making?
    Why doesn’t he remove all the bad police officers instead of giving them promotions?
    The people do not respect the police because the police (at least at the port)are taught not to respect the Vincentian people, instead to push them around and disrespect those they suspect may seem to be of a criminal nature. When I come to SVG I have experienced this. Based on my blackness and how I dress, I am treated poorly. If I were a white tourist they would ignore me because the police are taught that those are the people that bring the money into SVG.

    • I notice that at the port some of the officers are arrogant and do not respect the Vincentian people. What kind of a country is it when the police have distain for its own people and are cautioned to be respectful to foreigners. Why can’t they respect everyone? I think you are right that when the police start to respect the people more than they may be respected in return.

  2. As an individual, I support our Police service one Hundred percent, make no mistake about that but this much is unacceptable with it, the very unprofessional elements within its ranks. Our Police Department needs much more professionalism and much, much more independence of Government.
    Perhaps if its leadership was more independent of Government and its serving ranks more professional, it would not attract such criticism that it now gets. Something it can learn from Britain, New Zealand, Germany, France, Australia and others who have a very professional Police services.

    • The PM is not one of us. He definitely gets better treatment from the police than we do. All ULP party people get better treatment. Those of us that live here see that the police are told to have different standards for different people. The incompetence and corruption of our police is well-known. If the PM decides to discount, ignore or deny it, he will suffer at the voting box. In this press conference it seems like he is trying to direct people’s anger of the big crime spurt directly at Godwin Friday. Trying to get the people against Godwin Friday is not going to get him votes nor will it solve crime. You are right, instead of making excuses and pointing the finger he should look at other countries and then do his job. We will never develop when our leaders have such a loser attitude.

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