Who Wants To Kill PM Gonsalves? Does This Prophet Know?

Gonsalves, Prophet

Who wants Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves dead? And does Prophet Brian Jones Amoateng have an insight?

This Ghanaian Prophet who was in the country from 28th October – 30th October 2018, made what he claimed was two profound revelations.

“You want me to tell you, should I reveal what I know, let me tell you, someone wants the Prime Minister DEAD, and the “Demons” in SVG, wants to attack children”.

On Sunday 9th December 2018,  Prime Minister Gonsalves told supports that it is now clear that political enemies of his regime want his scalp.

Gonsalves told his supporters at the party’s national convention that he obtained such information will on recent government business overseas.

“They say they want my scalp, it is now a personal matter because the ULP stop them, along with SCL from winning in 2001 – 2015.

Gonsalves said he spoke to people who had conversations with agents of SCL, and individuals who want to sell St Vincent passport”

“They say that the main man in relation to hindering such prospect is Ralph Gonsalves, so it is now personal”.

However, Prophet Brain Jones Amoateng stated in his revelations to church members that somebody wants Gonsalves dead.

“Somebody, and let this go on record, somebody around the “Cabinet” of the Prime Minister wants to kill him”.

At such time there were great exclamations from those sitting in the audience, they can clearly be heard saying; “Oh Jesus, Jesus”.

Prophet Amoateng went on to reveal to his audience further details;

“The person is a close ally, Gonsalves need prayers and he has to be vigilant”.

The Prophet further revealed to his audience that the Demons in St Vincent wants to attack children.

Prophet Amoateng was in the country on the invitation of the Layou Miracle Church for what was dubbed, “Three days of miracles”.

With two different revelations made one month apart, and with the Prime Minister stating clearly that his political enemies want him dead, and the Prophet making his revelation about Gonsalves being in danger of being killed, one thing seems clear “Somebody wants the PM dead” But who?

Also, did the prophet offer his insights to the Prime Minister? Did the Prophet offer any information to the security forces of the country?

These and other questions will remain answered for the time being. Just maybe they can be answered in February of 2019.

Why February 2019 you may ask, well at such time Prophet Brain Jones Amoateng would be back in St Vincent to hold what is being called “The Prophetic Masterclass”.

That session would be held at the Methodist Church Hall in Kingstown on Saturday 2nd February 2019.

According to the Prophet website, Brian Amoateng is the president of Brian Jones Outreach Ministries headquartered in London.

As one of the end-time ministry gifts to the body of Christ, Pastor Brian is positioned as a strong and forthright preacher with a unique prophetic ministry.

He is a well sought-after conference speaker who travels the globe.


  1. This self-appointed so-called Ghanaian Prophet is an absolute fraud, being listened to only by the uneducated gullible and being a suitable fraudulent person conveyor / communicator of fakery.

    Vincentians needs be better guided in biblical matters by pure and proper Christian doctrines and stop making themselves fools, being victims of charlatans, fraudsters and money-grubbers.

    They needs read more. Perhaps a copy of “Institutes of The Christian Religion” by John Calvin and / or a copy of “Systematic Theology” by Louis Berkhof that are so easily available.

    ( https://www.biblicaltraining.org/library/systematic-theology-louis-berkhof ) or a simple copy of

    ( https://oll.libertyfund.org/titles/calvin-the-institutes-of-the-christian-religion ) People like

    Brain Jones Amoateng make of the unlearned and the poorly educated gullible listeners as they promote and peddle their dreamed-up trash.

  2. Didn’t the prime minister make that statement less than a month ago? doesn’t demons all over the world wants to attack children? where is the prophecy in any of those claims? some people are so quick to believe anything a man says because he say he is a man of God. Geez. what about all the problems in his own country? Guess they don’t need prays?

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