Where are the daughters of NDP

Veteran politician  Sir James Mitchell, speaking at a party to celebrate his 85th Birthday, made a call for more women to be involved in politics.

James going down memory lane sighted women such as Stephanie Brown,Yvonne Francis Gibson and Mary Hutchinson to name a few,who made invaluable contribution to St Vincent and the Grenadines.

Sir James said he could not understand how the party NDP,could be referring to women as window dressing.

I dont see women as window dressing said Mitchell,and ask the question, where are the daughters of NDP, why are they hiding.

He noted Jerry Scotts daughter to whom he attributed intelligence and beauty,and whom Sir James said would be good material to our cause,he also call on the daughter’s of John Horne former minster and P R Campbell former Attorney General.

Sir James also made mention of his daughters,which he alluded to as ready,Mitchell said he was not only calling on politicians daughters but on the daughter’s of NDP supporters all over St Vincent and the Grenadines.

The former Prime Minister said more women in politics would be a proper reflection of our country at large,since women he said are excelling at every level of society.

Sir James in his usual style said, its not that we don’t need men,but we need those of intelligence, integrity and testicular fortitude.

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