Weather: A Shearline Will Begin Affecting St Vincent From Tonight

The ridge of high pressure will remain the dominant feature across the islands this afternoon resulting in mostly fair conditions with a few scattered showers.

Tonight, a shearline that is currently affecting islands like Dominica and Martinique will drift southwards, and a few showers are likely across the northern portion of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG).

By Monday, showers are likely across SVG. A gradual improvement is forecast for the mainland as the night progress; however, the southward drift will result in continued unstable conditions across the Grenadines into Tuesday.

On Tuesday, some fair conditions are likely over the mainland. However, an increase in cloud cover with a few showers is possible by nightfall due to a trough.

After which, moisture ahead of an approaching tropical wave will result in a few showers by Wednesday afternoon across SVG.

Mostly easterly winds (15km/h-30km/h) will prevail, becoming east-north-east to SVG east (ENE-E) ahead of the aforementioned perturbations.

Sea conditions are slight to moderate in open water (1.0m- 1.5m), possibly becoming slight from Monday night. There will be no significant haze intrusion within this forecast period.

Shear line. In meteorology, a line or narrow zone across which there is an abrupt change in the horizontal wind component parallel to this line; a line of maximum horizontal wind shear.