Was Evesham Farmer Killed By Someone Close To Him?

Police in St Vincent are investigating the death of George “Coban” Samuel a resident of Evesham whose body was  discovered on Tuesday night.

According to sources, Samuel who is a 59 year old  farmer went to his farm lands on Tuesday in what sources described as his normal routine, what raised the alarm for relatives was the no show of George who usually pass by for a meal after work.

Following the unusual movement, sources told News784 that relatives of Samuel began asking around for him, they also made several calls to his cell phone which went answered.

Sources told News784 that relatives and friends made their way to Samuel’s house where the body was found in a shallow grave behind his dwelling.

Sources further told News784 that an individual close to Samuel threaten to burn his house down more than once.

There are theories that Samuel could have met his untimely death by someone close to him.

Some church members at the Evesham SDA Church told News784 that they were in a state of shock when they received the news as they saw Samuel on Saturday in good spirits.