Wanted Vincentian Man Arrested In Carriacou

A Vincentian national has been remanded into custody more than two years after he is alleged to gone to the St. George’s Market in Grenada and began shooting indiscriminately, injuring at least three people.

Police said that Richardo McFee was arrested in the neighbouring island of Carriacou following a drug bust on December 7 and appeared in court on multiple charges ranging from non-capital murder to grievous harm with regards to the shooting incident on April 29, 2016.

According to the court documents, the St Vincent national is charged with non-capital murder by unlawfully causing a wound to 35-year-old businessman, Damian Depradine, who was shot twice during the incident last year.

While interrogating the young man, members of the Grenada Police Force  learned that he was responsible for several shootings including one on St Vincent when 10 persons were shot and one died.
These incidents he said occurred over a year ago.

McFee, a fisherman, is also charged for the causing grievous bodily harm and two counts of possession of a firearm in relation to the injuries sustained by two other people.

McFee had fire several gunshots in what the authorities said then was “random shooting” before fleeing the area.


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