Vincy beef claims to make people live longer

A recent claim has been made in several circles in the region that persons have experienced a revitalisation of their bodies after eating beef from St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

 This comes amidst a discussion that many islands in the Caribbean are showing a keen interest to purchase Vincy beef at a very high value.

Recently, a butcher in SVG protested against the exportation of cattle, claiming that local farmers were showing more interest in exporting than supplying local needs.

98% of the beef produced in SVG is from grass-fed cattle. Glyphosate, touchdown and roundup are not allowed in the country, making the island’s soil and grass safer.

Local butchers are calling upon the government to build a national abattoir.

The Ministry of  Agriculture recently made a call for a private/public partnership to construct and operate an abattoir fit to export beef.

With Vincy beef trending in the region as the best, it will bring greater pressure on local farmers to supply.

The government has called on cattle farmers to increase production and has provided assistance through a free artificial insemination initiative.

With the growing health claims about Vincy beef, it provides a fertile ground for investment.