Vincentians Urged to Lift the Level of Productivity

PM Gonsalves 2016

A formal announcement as to the official commencement of operations of the Argyle International Airport will be made soon.

Prime Minister, Dr. Ralph Gonsalves, made this disclosure while addressing the annual military parade held at the Victoria Park to commemorate this country’s 37th anniversary of independence.

The Argyle International Airport construction is the largest capital project ever undertaken by any government of this country and was done with the assistance of friendly nations including Venezuela, Cuba, and Taiwan.

Dr. Gonsalves said the government’s mandate was being implemented in a complicated external and challenging economic and political environment.

However, his administration continues to put people at the center of its socio and economic policies especially as it seeks to build a harmonious and just economic system conjointly through the private, cooperative and state sectors.

“In this way, we can achieve our goal to constructive a modern, competitive post -colonial economy which is at once national, regional and global in our people’s interest. I want to appeal once again to all public and private sector employees, managers and leaders to lift our productivity and delivery of service,” he said.

PM Gonsalves said the majority of Vincentians were focused and disciplined at their workplaces but there was still a minority who was insufficiently productive.

He then urged them to “do better” in their own interest and that of the country.

He also further appealed to the domestic private sector to make use of the economic and business opportunities which are available adding that his government was ready to facilitate entrepreneurs in establishing or expanding their businesses, this, he said, was being done by his government over the years.

Giving an example, he said, he had stressed repeatedly that the state land was available for use in the area of tourism development and urged local investors to partner with government on this venture. “Let us together create more jobs and wealth for our people,” he said.



  1. What a damned cheek, its his own game that needs to be lifted, he is the failure not the people.

  2. This is in response to the person who highlighted the problems with the airport and all the people that responded. The fact of the matter is that none of us are authority figures on the subject, so all of the name calling is not necessary. Especially to the so call “High school graduate” who labels others view points as “mindless rambling.”
    The writer of the article made some points to consider but I think they were made with mal intent, ill will and malevolence. How come he never offered any ideas for a solution? The air port will be opened whether they like it or not. Any issues will be addressed incrementally, and no one is going to protest. why would we protest something that benefits us? what are we-imbeciles? Does the writer know that parts of the most popular air port in world (JFK) floods when there is heavy rains? well I worked at JFK for ten years. Yes, it does! Just to make a point !

  3. He should attend to things in order. Pay the people whose land and properties were expropriated to site the airport instead of waiting to trick them and acquire by adverse possession in a few years.

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