Vincentian Single Mother lifts her way to stardom

Rayen Cupid: Photo croydonguardian

Daughter of Mr Ken Cupid a stalwart in the diaspora and the PRO of the National Executive Committee of Vincentian Associations, is lifting her way to the Commonwealth Games.

Rayen Cupid a single mother who resides in Norbury, UK, s proving that age is no barrier, as she lifts her way to stardom.

According to the croydonguardian Cupid has been in the sport of weightlifting for just three years, but has already managed to accomplish something that others spend a lifetime trying to achieve; represent her country at the Commonwealth Games.

“I’ve always been into the sport but I got bored of just being really strong,” she said. “When I was 27 I was told I was too old to get into the sport and I was gutted.”

Not long after, she teamed up with her coach, George Manners. That’s when the idea to represent Saint Vincent and the Grenadines in weightlifting began.

Here is the rest of her story as reported by croydonguardian

“It was unusual to put that hope in my head,” Rayen said.  “It’s been a crazy process because I haven’t been doing it for very long at all.”

Now at 32, Rayen is proving the doubters wrong.  In September this year, she travelled to Australia to take part in the final qualifier for the games.

She didn’t disappoint.

“In my sport, they consider 32 to be kinda old,” Rayen said.  “The lifters I compete against have been doing this most of their lives.

“It just hasn’t really sunk in yet,” Rayen said.  It’s the support from her family that has helped her stay focused this whole time.

“I’ve worked so hard and I’m so proud because my daughter has been able to see me do something a bit different,” the special needs teacher at a Bromley school said

“My brother has been shouting from the rooftops to support me as well.

There is one final hurdle she has to clear before she can book her ticket though  That is for the committee from her country in charge of sending athletes to the games, to give her the go-ahead.

“Up until this point I have paid for every outfit, competition tracksuit, plane ticket, all myself,” Rayen said.

“I didn’t want to give them a reason to say no to sending me because it is obviously very expensive.

“After getting 99 percent of the way there, now we just have to wait and see.”

Original Publication croydonguardian


  1. Hats off to Rayne Cupid, her family and her Coach Mr George Manners. Blessings all the way.
    I pray that you get your hearts desire.

  2. Hats off to Rayen Cupid, her family and her Coach Mr George Manners. Blessings all the way.
    I pray that you get your hearts desire.

  3. Congratulations to you. Really hope that you get the nod of the association. Now is the time to begin to raise funds as an individual and the association should do likewise.

  4. Congratulations to Ms, Cupid , on her performances . Congratulations also to Mr. George Manners , who I know personally .

    George went to the then Richmond Hill Government School ;
    and went to England in the Era when a lot of people in the
    Region went there .

    Many people may be unaware of the fact that George Manners was Once an Olympic Weight Lifting Coach for England . Therefore Ms Cupid has a Coach who apart from being born in SVG has a lot of experience .

    The ball is now in the hands of the SVG Olympic Organization
    to support Ms. Cupid in her efforts . Failing to do that is
    going to reflect very badly on the SVG OLYMPIC ORGANIZATION .

  5. Will someone please tell me what weight lifting competition did this young lady won that make her think she should be given the opportunity to represent St. Vincent and the Grenadine at the Commonwealth Games?

    This is either the worst piece of journalistic reporting I have ever seen or this is a hoaks. Ralph using his baby 784 to dupe Vincentian into another waste.

    Young lady if you had a bad run in with the serial rapist please report the matter to the police in the area where it happened. If you love your country you will bear the pain for it. Don’t fall in line and participate in the charade and squander the nations resources. I beg of you.

    • Some people are very small minded , and that limits their Ability to see the BIG PICTURE . Ms.Cupid is of the opinion that she should be given an opportunity to Represent SVG . I
      do not have a Problem with that ; She is a Vincentian , & her
      Coach is also a Vincentian , as I have already stated He was once an Olympic Weightlifting Coach for England’s Women Weightlifting Team .

      Lost on some people in SVG is the fact that as Our Standard Bearer , ST. VINCENT & THE GRENADINES ARE GOING TO GET FREE EXPOSURE , it aint that it is only Ms. Cupid getting a Free
      Ride ; through her ; SVG is also getting exposure , by her
      carrying the SVG Flag during the March Past Ceremony , and
      also if her performances are good , SVG is also going to be in the Limelight ; and that obviously will aid the Nation from a Tourists Perspective .

      But Shortsightedness is always the Bogey Man regarding Vincentians who live in SVG , and those who live Abroad . It
      is this freaking Insularity why at times WE are running very
      fast , but find Ourselves in the same Place , like the Character in Alice in Wonderland .

      Let us ALL Support Ms. Cupid in her efforts , so that hopefully she can win medals & also have an opportunity talk
      about St. Vincent & the Grenadines . Perhaps the Government of SVG could also be of assistance to MS. CUPID in achieving
      her Goals .

  6. HI Rayen congrats i’m also from St Vincent living in London you are doing our country proud keep up the good works, i was watching the games i was shouting to the top of my voice for you even my neighbours thinking something was wrong with me they all come to see if i was ok , i just told them that i was shouting for you to win and theywere all shouting with me.

  7. I hope this newspaper and its readers and ALL vincentians recognize her coach (George Manners) for his fame and glory in representing St Vincent ( winning a medal also) in the 1956 (I think) Commonwealth Games. He has stayed in the weight lifting game ever since in one capacity or the other. BIG UP GEORGE. Your old buddy paddy corea..

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