August 10, 2020

Vincentian Ordered Deported From The BVI

Alson Quashie a Vincentian national who was imprisoned after he was discovered with a quantity of marijuana and having marijuana seedlings on his farm, has been ordered deported from the BVI.

Quashie, now  57  was arrested after officers in the BVI searched his Carrot Bay home and found 78.3 grams of marijuana and 220 seedling plants.

According to court records, it was stated that officers acting on concerns executed a search warrant at the home of Quashie and found a quantity of marijuana in his refrigerator and on his bed. It was explained that Quashie confirmed that it was marijuana.

Following the discovery of the substance in his home, it was said that Quashie took the officers to his farm where 220 marijuana seedlings were discovered.

As a result, he was charged with the offences of cultivation and possession, and pleaded guilty in court.

It was ordered that Quashie will leave the Territory of the Virgin Islands…and thereafter to remain out of the Territory.

Original Publication BVI Platinum News

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