Vincentian Offered Permanent Work At Buckingham Palace

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Vincentian Moriba O’Garro  has been afforded a  job at Buckingham Palace; this was confirmed by Deputy Prime Minister Sir Louis Starker as he spoke in parliament on Monday 31st July 2017.

25-year-old Moriba O’Garro was a  recipient of the Royal Household Hospitality Scholarship 2017 and completed a six-week placement at Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle from 15th May to 23rd June, 2017.


  1. It’s well known that the Queen is a tightwad who doesn’t play her staff well, perhaps feeling that working for the Royal family is privilege enough.

    Too bad Sir Louis is too old to apply for a position cleaning the Royal chamber pots.

  2. This is excellent! Great news for St Vincent and the Grenadines. Best wishes to Moriba continue to make your country proud.

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