Vincentian National Gets Two Year Jail Sentence In Grenada

Eight months after they were caught on the Vandomme Public Road in St George’s with a haul of over one million dollars worth of marijuana, three of the four men, among them one St Vincent national, netted during that operation were sentenced last Monday by Acting Chief Magistrate Teddy St Louis at the St. George’s Magistrate Court.

Among those sentenced were Kester LaBarrie and Gregory Joseph from Grenada and McLean Browne from St. Vincent and the Grenadines all three men pleaded guilty to trafficking the controlled drug marijuana. The fourth individual Kevin Phillip got off earlier when the prosecution discontinued all charges levelled against him.

The men were arrested in February of 2019 when officers attached to the Drug Squad of the Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF) acting on special intelligence intercepted two vehicles in which they were travelling along the Vandomme public road en route to St George’s and found some fourteen bags of marijuana. According to the evidence emanating from the court, the drug, which weighed just over 658 lbs. had a street value of $1,492,342.00.

At the time of the arrest, the evidence said, Joseph, one of the three Grenadians caught, told the police he was only assisting his friend La Barrie who had given him ‘a work’ to accompany him to Telescope to collect some goods. Browne who accompanied the drugs from St Vincent to Grenada told the police he was offered $5,000.00 by someone named Killa from St. Vincent to have the drug delivered to someone in Grenada.

However, in presenting the evidence to the court on Monday police prosecutor dubbed the defendant LaBarrie who was represented in court by defence lawyer Arley Gill as the man responsible for the operation on the ground in Grenada. According to the prosecution, he was the main link between Grenada and St Vincent and was responsible for recruiting Joseph to assist with transportation on the ground in Grenada.

Brown whom the magistrate described as being motivated by money and also played a significant role in getting the drugs to Grenada was sentenced to two years in prison.