Vendor Shot And Killed On Friday Morning

Police here in St Vincent are investigating a murder which occurred in the Old Montrose community in the early morning hours of Friday 29th, 2018.

According to information Kamara Richards alias “BK” was shot and killed sometime after 3 a.m on Friday morning.

Richards is a vendor who plies his trade in Kingstown  under the ACE gallery, on Lower Bay Street.


  1. Well Bernard my dear, please do tell which parts of the arguments that I there put that you have declared to be utter rubbish! It would be most helpful if you could be more specific,
    Indeed Bernard, there are for sure many countries that gets Aid but know this, that he who pays the piper dictates the tune. There is indeed no such thing as a free lunch! Our acceptance of the Aid that we receives from institutions and countries, severely obligates us to all of the values of our Aid givers without a shadow of a doubt.
    So without a doubt Bernard, we are hence in hock to the E.U, Taiwan, the U.N, the IMF, the World Bank and the likes. The liberal values of the institutions like the E.U and the U.N must be followed, otherwise we get no Aid from them, even though these institutions patently ignore our government’s neglect of their peoples and the severe harm the liberal values that they promote will eventually have on our nation.
    We could not hang or shoot the vilest of murderer here Bernard, even if the whole of S.V.G were camped out outside our court house and demanded it.
    Yet our government can do what it has done to Bigger Biggs ruin without so much as a protest from our grant donors, deny putting into law any “parliamentary integrity legislation”, “deliver poor Law and Order” and “poor Policing” to us, and refuse to pass into Law a “freedom of Information Bill” that lets us know what is being done in our name by a suspected nefarious family regime.

    Let me be a ‘…Peacemaker or the Devil’s advocate.’
    While ‘…All ideas contend,’ man’s gravest enemies
    ‘…ignorance and stupidity’ shall always be avoided.
    Benard or Bernard, you may not have even bothered to
    referenced the comments of James H. who appeared to
    have completely missed the gravamen of what is being discussed.
    You may not take responsibility for anyone who have shown lack of
    comprehension and/or appreciation of the apparent escalation in
    violent crimes.
    You are right, the ‘…sociological factors’ were known to have
    influenced criminality in individuals.
    The sociologists will also argue that some behavior bordering
    criminality may be called ‘…Survival Strategies.’
    Stealing might be one such strategy, but certainly,
    not ‘…cold-blooded murder.’
    The ‘…reckless shootings and senseless killings’ are everyone’s concerns.
    Foreign Aid is totally irrelevant to what happened to this poor vendor.
    James H. may one day wake up to ‘…smell the coffee.’
    Even so, he may not wish to taste it.

  3. My dear Rawlston I do fully understand the the essence and seriousness of what is under discussion here and there contend, that our true problem as a nation, is that we are not our own as a people. Why so you may ask?
    Firstly, we are still a captive people who are being poorly governed by a regime in government pursuing its own self interest and secondly they in turn, for their part, bends to the diktats of foreigners.
    Were we truly independent and properly governed, then we would as a nation, do those things that were fitting to our own communal well-being, to the exclusion of foreign influences and elite self interests.

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