US$3,163,242 Taiwan-ICDF project progressing steadily in SVG

Deputy Secretary General of ICDF Dr Lee Pai-Po

By Ernesto Cooke

With the Project Period: 2015-2018 and some US$3,163,242 for expenditure, the Strengthening of Farmers’ Organizations and Improving Fruit and Vegetable Production Technology in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines are steadily progressing.

Because of the unsteady quality and production volume of domestic agricultural products in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, there are limited established distribution channels.

It is expected that the integration of international resources made possible under ICDF program and EU BAM program will assist the country in successfully strengthening farmers’ organisations and accomplishing agricultural modernization in the production technology of vegetables and fruits.

Deputy Secretary General of Taiwan-ICDF (International Cooperation and Development Fund)Dr Lee Pai-Po, told media representatives visiting Taiwan including News784 Executive Director Ernesto Cooke, that as of the end of April 2017, the following activities have been completed

(1) complete soil sampling, soil sample pre-treatment, pH, EC, Texture, Organic matters, Nitrogen, Potassium, Phosphate and Calcium testing SOP and equipment for soil laboratory, total 212 samples were collected, and 98 samples were analysed with reports.

(2) Complete pro-biotic incubation 11.37mt

(3) Full equipment procurement for fertility management laboratory

(4) Completion of set-up of pest diagnosis equipment and set up a Chemical Residue Laboratory

(5) End of 9 short-term experts to visit on field chemical safety management, bio-fertilizer, bio-pesticide, non-chemical plant protection, predator propagation and two soil analysis respectively.

(6) Completion of Fertilizer Application Manual on watermelon, pineapple, sweet pepper, tomato and carrot.

(7) End Manual of Pest and Chemical Control on Sweet Pepper and Tomato cultivation.

Media representatives from the South Pacific, Central America and The Eastern Caribbean posed with ICDF Deputy Secretary General,Dr. Lee
  1. Established target crop facilities or field cultivation models and regulations

(1) Completion of plant trial design and site cultivation of tomato and sweet pepper.

(2) Completion of cultivation materials receiving

(3) Completion of cultivation manual of tomato and sweet pepper respectively.

(4) Completion total of 15 crop cultivation workshops with total 254 participants

  1. Reinforced farmers’ organisations management system

(1) Eight co-operatives were selected and selected two co-operatives which have good management total 10 Co-operatives are getting assistance

(2) Completion of revision of 9 cooperative bye-laws and total 185 booklets were printed

(3) Completion of equipment receiving for selected cooperatives and office renovation for five cooperatives

(4) 11 training courses were completed for trainers in administration of cooperative

(5) 11 training sessions were completed for instructors in production and marketing of cooperative

(6) Completion of 10 training workshops for executives who are responsible for administration and finance with 115 participants

(7) Completion of 9 training workshops for executives who are responsible for production and marketing with 154 participants

(8) Assist three cooperatives to produce 169.314mt and marketing revenue was US$139,183.27

(9) Complete one expert to visit and evaluate Production and Group Management System.

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