UN Needs To Be Reinvigorated, And Renew Its Focus On Diverse Voices

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines is a country with a small population, a small economic footprint, a small geographic area, and the magnificent part of our legitimate and authentic Caribbean Civilisation.

Our small islands, – mere irrelevant pebbles in the eyes of some of the large, the rich and the powerful who ought to know better –, must now form part of the new foundation of international cooperation.

Our challenges must be acknowledged, and our voices – long humoured but unheard – must be listened to as the consistent advocates on behalf of people, progress, partnership and principle.

Too often, the UN’s foundation principles – like small island states – have been cast aside in the precipitate pursuit of convenient or expedient solutions.

Too often, the world has come to regret such reckless haste. Today, we must recognise the folly in assuming that our organisations’ institutions will withstand the challenges of unilateralism, isolationism and inactivity.

The proper responses to these challenges is a reinvigorated Assembly, a recommitment to principle, and a renewed focus on the diverse voices of all members of this noble institution.

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