UN diplomat protected by immunity after allegedly slugging wife

(NY POST) – A United Nations diplomat from the Caribbean allegedly punched his wife in the face in Brooklyn on Friday — but NYPD cops couldn’t arrest him because he has diplomatic immunity, police sources said.

Sehon Marshall, 43, who serves as a counsellor for the Permanent Mission of St. Vincent and the Grenadines, allegedly decked his wife, Sandra Marshall, 36, after a verbal fight broke out at their Canarsie house at 1:15 a.m., police sources said.

Cops launched an investigation and found that Marshall struck the woman with a closed fist, leaving her with a bloody lip, the sources said.

But officers couldn’t arrest Marshall because he’s protected by a law forbidding prosecution of foreign diplomats in the US, the sources said.

According to the publication, Marshall wasn’t available for comment at his home on East 92nd Street and Avenue N on Friday afternoon.

His wife, who refused medical attention, declined to comment.


  1. She must have butt him, the worst “crime” a woman can commit against her man in our primitive Vincie culture.

    • C.ben David

      With all due respect you have made a very Asinine Remark ,
      and I hope that You would be man enough to Apologise . I do not think that hitting women , regardless of the circumstances should ever be tolerated ; especially since there are various legal means to end all relationships .

      This also is not a matter to be taken lightly or in jest .
      This is precisely why I am appalled by what you stated . I do not believe that what You stated is going to increase the
      number of Persons who read Your Online NewsPaper , I would like to believe that had You thought about this , you would
      not have made such an Asinine Remark .

  2. Isn’t there a code of ethics for these diplomats? This is a testament of the abusive culture perpetuated by many Vincentian men. While many accept these acts they are irreprehensible. It is a demonstration of a broader cultural issue in SVG that is poorly policed.

    Let’s hope the Prime Minister recall him and he cause no further embarrassment to the country. We are not perfect people but there is a certain code of conduct that is expected of a person occupying these positions.

  3. Collin set down as he was accused of the same thing so while is this man still in his post,if the shoe was on the other foot Ralph

  4. In my opinion , He needs to be fired from his position .I therefore call on the Government of St. Vincent & the Grenadines to remove him from his Position .

    I do not believe that this was the first time that he has
    physically abused his wife . More than likely the Children
    have been witnessing his behaviour , They also will more than likely be affected by his behaviour .

    He must be relieved of his job , so that the next time he attacks his wife the NYPD can send him to Rickers . The Prime Minister & the Government of SVG need to understand that this situation is untenable , and Fire Him , because it seems quite evident that the fact that he has Diplomatic Immunity , gives him the power to be physically abusive to his Wife .

    Worse yet , by his behaviour He is besmirching all Vincentians , at Home & Abroad . My perspective is that there is absolutely no excuse for his behaviour . I don’t give a Damn regarding how good he is in his job .

    The stark freaking Fact is that he is a Despicable Man ; and
    there is absolutely no freaking excuse He can offer for his
    brutality .

    If the Government fails to fire him , it would be perceived
    by All & Sundry that the Government agrees with his behaviour . Worse yet by not Firing him , the Government will be handing the Opposition Golden Opportunity to attack them from a political perspective .

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