Two Vincentian Arrested After Drug Bust On Cruise Ship

Norwegian Escape

Two Vincentian nationals were among three men arrested in Belize on Tuesday, June 13 in connection with a drug bust on a Norwegian cruise ship.

According to media reports, the Vincentians have been identified as Derson Frank and Renaldo Kerron Roberts.

Derson Frank

According to Belizean authorities, security officers from the cruise ship searched the cabin of Frank, 30, of St Vincent and found about two kilos of cocaine.

Frank then disclosed that Roberts and the other individual a St Lucian national were in on the drugs deal.

The security officers then alerted the Belize police who arrested all three and charged them with two counts of drug trafficking.

Renaldo Kerron Roberts

All three men have been charged with two Counts of Drug Trafficking Jointly and remanded to KOLBE Prison.

The trio was aboard the Norwegian Escape cruise ship which was docked at Harvest Caye in Southern Belize.


  1. This happens too often. Young misguided men who are driven by greed. Ultimately, we would see a situation where cruise operators would no longer employ Vincentians. As a matter of fact a lot of these Companies are turning to the Filipinos and Chinese even the hotels. There are many other young descent Vincentians who would have embrace this opportunity to work on a cruise ship and be satisfied with whatever little they make. Sadly, those scoundrels are making it more difficult for them.

    • One man mistake should not cause another who is loyal and honest. There is always those that mess up in every walks of life.The job market world over there are always those but let the good out weight the bad.One should not be denied an opportunity to work cause some men of there nationality mess up.Equal opportunity should be given to prove him/herself.

      • As the saying goes. One bad apple spoil the whole bunch. Some people are just to greedy and dishonest. And when it comes to more than always grabalicious ,eke make do with.

        • When it comes to more,they always grab no matter what the circumstances, just take little and live and be thankful for the bloody job on the ship. Why would the hire more of them when vincentians left a bad taste in their mouths..

    • I strongly endorsed your sentiments it is all about greed why can’t they be satisfied with the little salary and make the best of it. The cruise ships industry are truly hiring more people from the Philippines because they will work for a plate of food and be satisfied.

  2. How do we even know they are all guilty? One man got caught? What’s the point of court if people convict in the comments of articles?

    I’m American and I’d rather hire a Vincentian, regardless of what one or two do. There are over 100,000 Vincentians. This is too small of a group to represent the masses.

  3. We must stand resolutely against wrong doing. Whether it’s our children, brother, mother, sister or father. Be a principled person. Vincentians have become too tolerant towards the drug culture even the police.Take a look at the pervasive use of marijuana in Saint Vincent. It is as if it has become the social norm. Look at the staggering number of persons suffering from mental health issues relating to drug use. Our young men are indoctrinated into the drug culture from an early age. Hence, when they become older they cannot dicifer right from wrong when presented with these types of opportunities. I have been expose to drugs at a very young age but thank God I joined the Saint Vincent Cadet Force. The Cadet Force is my savior and all I am today. I owe that organization my life.

    No one is convicting these young men. Do you really believe someone would plant two kilos of cocaine in their cabin? I hope they get a damn good lawyer.

    By and large we are hard working and good natured people. We were brought up with good values. However, we must confront reality.

    • Really making hard for other people who is also waiting from st .Vincent …It been two years now I had sign up with this company and they haven’t call me yet …But God have the final say for everything Good don’t like ugly …Well the one frank used to be a police st Vincent is very small

  4. Another black face on Vincentians! These young men needs to understand that hard work and dedication brings success.stop running after fast money it can cost you your life! Never envy anyone when you see them prospering because you never know how they are doing it. It’s a shame though…….

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