(TVET) To Take Center Stage In The Month Of November

The Ministry of Education is seeking to dispel the notion that acquiring a skill is for people who cannot make it academically.

To this end, the Ministry through its’ National Qualifications Department will embark on a media campaign during the month of November to sensitize the public on the value that TVET education and qualification adds to the development of St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

 Speaking at a ceremony held at the National Public Library Conference Room yesterday October 30th to launch the month of activities, Director of the National Qualifications Department Mr. Kenroy Questelles, said the TVET promotional month aims to address the issues of the low status of TVET and the related stereotypes which discount its’ values and viability.

 Chairperson of the Sector Skills Development Agency Mr. Stanley Browne underscored the importance of TVET training noting that today’s market demands Skilled Professionals.

Browne added that it is important that persons are not only skilled but are certified in the area of their field. The Promotional month will also make a special drive for persons who are skilled to seek to become certified.

 The media campaign during the month of November will include catchy jingles, special features on success stories in TVET, Radio and television interviews and Newspaper articles as well as a major symposium.

The Ministry is targeting students, youth, artisans, trades men and women, Teachers, Principals, Adult Educators, Parents and Guardians under the slogan “discover your potential with TVET.”


  1. Excellent idea I support this 110 percent you never realize how important it is to have a Skill trade until you are in so call (outside world) I will urge all my fellow Vincentians to take advantage of this program plumbers ,Electricians between $60 and $80 per hour(US)

  2. It is all well and good, that the Ministry of Education through its’ National Qualifications Department, is embarking upon on a media campaign during this month of November, so as to sensitize the public on the value of Technical and Vocational Education Training Qualifications, but where are the jobs for those persons among us who may take up the Ministry’s advice?
    Have this Government not through its insane economic policy of over taxation and gross hostility to businesses have singularly destroyed our economy? Have they not proved themselves as hostile to job creation here, especially to those businesses that are not connected to it and its sweetheart cronies? Are we not now heading down the regrettable path of Venezuela?
    Venezuela exodus takes its toll on Colombian economy.
    It is just typical of this good for nothing bunch of no hopers, who runs this country of ours, to get things totally upside down. To appeal to us for skills training but yet engaging themselves in destroying the very environment for job creation in all but Government jobs.
    Their hope no doubt, is that we would all then emigrate and send back home the odd $100 or a few barrels at Christmas. What forlorn pitiful hope and government incompetence!
    Are this bunch so selfish and dogmatic that they cannot learn from the Venezuelan experience? Is this family so committed to theirs and their cronies own individual good, that they cannot note our grubbing pain and see our gross sufferings?

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