Three charged for the murder of Simona DaSilva

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On the 5th of September 2017, Twanecia Ollivierre, 19yrs, unemployed of Chapmans, Alana Hudson, 19yrs, Secretary of Campden Park and Taylor Mofford, 18yrs, unemployed of Belmont were arrested and charged jointly for the murder of Simona Dasilva.

Simona DaSilva is a 23yro time Keeper of Fair Hall, her death occurred at Fair Hall on 04.09.17.

The accused females appeared at the Serious Offences Court today and were remanded in custody until next court hearing on 7th of December 2017.

Police Report


    • Very true big youth! When are we going to get government that creates an environment where the private sector can create jobs so that people have not only a sense of pride but something better to do than criminal activity.

      At the moment we have a government that says job creating is the main priority but the actions it takes (raising taxes, fees, duties) instead DESTROYS the environment for job creation. The question is:
      Is the government really, really stupid, or are they doing it on purpose?

  1. Read again, oneis a “secretary.”

    Also, this is not the work of any devil. This is a part of the legacy of slavery which enough reparations from Great Britain would quickly erase. If you don’t believe me, ask Ralph Gonsavles and Jomo Thomas.

  2. Every body seems to think that there is some direct correlation between employment and crimes in SVG, Not prejudging guilt or innocence but according to the Simona’s sister, she was attack because she refused to join a lesbian gang, Accordingly, I see no association between this and the economic situation. If she had allowed them to eat from the pot she would been alive today. What role does greed play in the cause of crime and over consumerism? The youths of today have to have the most expensive cell phone ect. Thus are the real causes of crime, not slavery but ignorance, greed and the list goes on.

    • I disagree with you there that employment and crime has no direct correlation. Unemployment and crime seem to go hand in hand with what is happening in our country. My recent visit to St. Vincent showed me how bad the economy has become when on almost every street corner you see the youths smoking and drinking themselves into stupors because there’s nothing to occupy their minds. Family values are also at a new low. Those that can get out do so while others have no choice but to deal with the hand they were dealt. Social mediia has some part to play, it seems that people no longer has a mind of their own as it is bring controlled by what they see and read. Social media says that smart phone is the trend then it is. While this is beyond our control creating jobs is not. The Prime Minister focus should be employment and better healthcare.

  3. The Economic situation in our country has everything to do with this high percentage of crime now destroying SVG. Frustration amongst individuals and the sense of anomie and alienation always produce outpourings of extreme violence in human societies.

    What on earth ever happened to that slogan of the ULP, borrowed from from one Tony Blair, that said “Tough on Crime and Tough on the causes of Crime” dear A. Mckenzie?

    We now know that they never really had any meaning here! Just empty words to be repeated by extremely feckless politicians!

  4. James H , I respect your opinion, however,as a law student I learned that criminality is a mindset especially if the criminal fees that he , or she can get away unpunished. Our own Trinidad provides a perfect example. The years that followed the execution of Dole Chadee and his henchmen showed the highest reduction in crimes in Trinidad and Tobago. It was a known fact that the economic situation did did not change drastically . Hence my argument that the economic situation in St Vincent has a negative correlation with respect to the increase in the criminal rate in St Vincent and the Grenadines.

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