Thousands Of Vincentians March In Show Of Support For Gonsalves Government

(By Ernesto Cooke) – Thousands of Vincentians on April 4th, 2019, marched through the streets of capital city Kingstown in a show of support for the Gonsalves led government.

The march and rally put on by the governing party is in celebration of policies and social programs over the last 18yrs, and also comes on the heels a win for the government in court, where the opposition brought election petitions to make null and void two constituencies, the petitions were dismissed by High Court Judge Stanley John.

The march which began at party headquarters on Murray road will culminate with a rally at Heritage Square, where supporters will hear speeches from party officials, representatives, and Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves.

Over the last 18yrs, Gonsalves the government, have lifted the poor out of poverty, educate the masses, creating thousands of Jobs and building the largest capital project in the history of St Vincent the Argyle International Airport.

Below is a summary of some of the many policies and projects undertaken by the government in 18yrs.

(1) The education revolution

(2)housing revolution ( Middle, No income and low-income homes) ,

(3)100% Mortgage for public servants,

(4)The construction and completion of the Rabacca bridge

(5) The construction and completion of the ArgyleInternationall Airport

(6) The Vision Now Program/ Modern Medical Diagnostic Center/ Restored and upgraded the old Administrative Wing of the Milton Cato Memorial Hospita/ Construction and Completion of Smart Hospital in Georgetown and Chateaubeleair

(7) Rehabilitation of both Windward and Leeward Highways

(8) Lives to Live Program

(9) Diversification in agriculture program focused on increased agro-processing and implementation of BAM program( Banana Accompanying Measures) to assist banana farmers financially

(10) Construction and Completion of Leeward Bus Terminal

(11) Restored, rebuilt and extended Peace Memorial Hall

(12)  Built the George Mc Intosh Community Market at Paul’s Avenue and cleaned the street area in front of Bishop’s College of unsightly shops.

(13)  Built an ultra-modern Emergency Operations Centre and National Emergency Management Office (NEMO) Headquarters.

(14)  Rebuilt, reconstructed, extended and modernised the Kingstown Fish Market & construction and completion of the Owia Fiseries Comples

(15) Built, thirteen Learning Resource Centres (LRCs) at: Sandy Bay, Chester Cottage, Colonarie, South Rivers, Evesham, Sans Souci (North Union), Biabou, Villa, Upper Cane Hall, Questelles, Layou, Fitz Hughes, and Union Island.

(16) Built a New Modern National Library and Archives

(17) Built additional NEMO satelite warehouses ( Sandy Bay and Belmont-leeward)

(18) Built new Solar Farms ( AIA , Lowmans Bay and Union island) to lessen dependency on fossil fuel.