Thousands Celebrate The 25th Anniversary Of The Gonsalves Led ULP

Thousands of Vincentians have turned out to celebrate with the Ralph Gonsalves led Unity Labor Party on the occasion of its 25th anniversary.

The party which is holding a rally at the decommissioned E.T Joshua airport will feature speeches from past, present and future representatives.

Tribute by way of a special moment of silence was held in respect to the fallen and great political warrior Sir Vincent Ian Beache.

Beache was instrumental in the amalgamation of the movement for National Unity and the SVG Labour Party in 1994.

The party which came to power in 2001 has won four consecutive elections, with the most recent being the elections of December 2015.

Headlining the entertainment for the party’s celebration is Jamaican Entertainer “Busy Signal”.


  1. Politics in St Vincent has decended as a struggle between classs and race.The white race or near so white has a monopolistic power in both the Ulp and the Ndp. The black man is not the decision maker in both organization moreso in the Ulp than the Ndp.

  2. The Ulp will hold onto power forever. They have a very cunning leadership who is more cunning than the Ndp. Look at what they did to West St George, they replaced a sure looser in Ces Mackie and replaced him with Curtis King. This is machaevelianism at its best. Ces Mackie was bound to loose. Having realize that the cabal recognize that they cannot afford to loose any contituency on the Windward side. What did they do was to rescue a,wounded member.

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