“Opposition MP Denied Money Sent To Him”


Why is Western Union asking for Job Letter and Bank Statement in order to receive money in SVG?

That was the question being asked  by  (Opposition) South Leeward MP Nigel Stephenson via a Facebook post .

“On 2nd December my father sent money to me via Western Union. More than a week passed before I waltz to WU to collect. As I got to the teller I was told because I am a politician, they cannot give money to me except I present documents”.

 Stephenson said his ID and Passport were scanned and info stored months ago.

“The teller said not those. She brought a form for me to fill out after she obviously spoke to a superior”.

 “I filled out the form and she said they must send it off and get back to me. After 2 weeks and no call I called WU number as listed in our local directory to my surprise someone in Guyana answered. She said all calls go through them. I stated my reason for calling and she said those issues should be dealt with in 48 hours”.

Stephenson said he went back to WU on Monday and was told he needed to bring proof of his address.

“I took proof of address as required only to be told by the teller after talking to someone again that I have to bring a bank statement and a job letter”.

Upset, the Opposition politician said he asked the teller if his father had sent $10,000, Or if he was borrowing money from WU.

“Can someone please tell me if this is unique to me, or are there others experiencing this crap”?

Stephenson said If he was sending money, he would have understood that they may need to make sure that he is working somewhere.

However, he said to provide a job letter and bank statement to receive money is ridiculous.

“I don’t do drugs, I never see soap powder or white cement and my father was the NDP last Consul General in Canada, so he certainly does not launder money”.

Stephenson is asking Western Union to please state whether this hardline approach is for him, or if it will affect all Vincentians.

Stephenson said base on his conversation with WU office in Guyana that should not be. “Who made those rules and when”, he asked.


  1. This is redculous playing politics. You are just another target due to the fact you are a Minister for the oposite ruling party. Sir you not singing the same tune as a result you have been targeted. showing bank statement and job letter to receive a pick ants doesn’t make no sense at al. That’s the norm in our land call bless Hirouna.

  2. Mr. Minister, quit whining since there may be a larger issue at stake here. You are not helping the situation. Western Union asks lots of questions, perceived personal, in the USA for monies as little as $200.

    What you should worry about is that you or an organization to which you have interaction are not in compliance with a financial (or otherwise) regulatory entity.

    Do your due diligence, since in most cases you will never know the specifics. On the other hand, this may be a false-positive.

    Best case scenario, stop whining and inviting a spotlight on yourself because after all you are a damn politician.

    This is a wake up call to all of you who think that there are no birds sitting on that wire watching with an eagle eye.

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