“They Can Throw Me Out Of Their Party” Says Leacock


Major Leacock is back at it again. On Monday Leacock said that in politics you take a lot of beating, he was responding to Keith Joesph a commentator on Nice Radio Saturday program “Just Another Look”.

He said that it’s hard to listen to Joesph admonishing him, and of all things to make a determination that he is the weakest link in the New Democratic Party.

“And asking me Leacock to make a commitment to the NDP”.

Leacock said he is ahead of every one of those currently in the NDP including Arnhim Eustace and Dr Godwin Friday.

“ I have been there since 1984 as a background vocalist and then-candidate, I joined the NDP when they were in Opposition”.

“Under James Mitchell as a leader, I took up the post of Public Relations Officer for the party and everyone knows I paid the price for it, I was ceremoniously fired from Vinlec and I never looked back”.

“ I never went to anyone looking for a job, I did not have to go overseas to look for a job, I went head-on into my private business mop and bucket”.

Leacock said a lot of us have made sacrifices and will continue to do.

“but when you want to define me as the weakest link in the NDP, and ask me to make a commitment to the party, You, Keith Joesph, asking me to make a commitment, ah mean I don’t speak in derogatory terms to people, but I find he is way out of his place, and ridiculously so”.

Friday was out of the island when Eustace admonish me, a Vice-President in the party along with Roland Matthews, who was leading the NDP at the time, and for what, for saying something that should be said about Israel Bruce.

“ What happen ghost bite him”.

Bruce has been around with the party for about 20 years and selected about 2 years ago.

Last year they were putting up Zita Barnwell to run against me as a Vice President, a year after what has been her mark in the parliament.

“ last year this time NDP they were looking to make Jules Ferdinand the Leader, they can throw me out of there party if they want, am getting really upset”.

“ What are they really saying anyone else but Leacock, you are telling me I have to be an acolyte, I have to genuflect to people to make a contribution to the party,what more sacrifices do I have to make to the NDP, what other commitments I have to make, at last election I was at every public meeting when Mr Eustace was not in the best of health”.

Everything Friday is doing now for NDP I did it for 17 years under Mr Eustace.

“ It is painful to me and my family, I don’t have anything else to do with my life, my children say to me just image you do for us what you do for the NDP, my Brother in the UK said why are you not getting out of this”.

Leacock says he does not deserve this for the contribution he has made to the NDP.

“ I should not have to go anywhere and say what I did for the NDP”.

Ah mean what do I have to do, Dr Friday has his work to do, I can’t do his work for him, I have stayed away so he could put his own brand on the party, which he has a right to do.

 “ But you now telling me if I was in the ULP I could not have made such statements, well the ULP would have had to throw me out, is this the characterisation of the person St Clair Leacock in St Vincent and the Grenadines”.

Leacock said when he was fighting for his country, where was Keith Joesph.

“All of my life I was involved in volunteerism, that’s sounds like an individual who has interest only in himself”.

“The work I do on a weekly basis in my constituency has been exemplary”.

Leacock said nobody in the NDP has been more frontal in confronting Dr Gonslaves in and out of the parliament, far more than many others who are still afraid of him up to this day.

“ So why me Leacock asked”.


  1. High time for this washed up loud mouthed politician to ride off into the sunset. He would never be missed.

  2. In order to win another election you need to take a leaf out of the ULP’s book. -Stop the infighting.
    -You need young educated and dynamic spokespersons in your party.
    -You need to challenge some of the nonsense Propaganda I hear coming out of the ULP’s well oiled political machinery. eg: Ralph mentioned how the NDP only spent 300,000 while the ULP is spending 5 million (or some nonsense figure like that) on cleaning up the roads in SVG. When last was NPD the ruling party? So how could anybody possibly compare what was spent then to now? You never heard about Inflation? Plus SVG’s population has grown. I’m sure far more educated and politically minded people than ‘yours truly’ could challenge some of the crazy comparisons coming out of Ralph’s mouth.
    NPD, stop the in-house power struggle. Get with the programme if you ever want to run this small island again. Alyo too damn selfish. It’s the people Alyo representing. Seeing headlines like this just makes me want to come and knock alyo damn heads together.
    Alyo ah grown arse men….. (I might be wrong) so ACT like it. Streups.

    • If we really stop and think about it…compare the NDP to ULP …The NDP is Democratic and the ULP party is run like a Dictatorship. The members in the NDP are more free to express opinions but in the ULP the members are not allowed to have or express an opinion unless it is first approved by the man at the top. If one dares express their own opinion in the ULP there is retribution. The country is messed up because the government is controlled by a dictatorial party that allows the policy of only one man.

  3. Major, I totally agree with you and I understand your frustrations. It seems to me that in the NDP you are not appreciated but only tolerated. I certainly do not want to be where I am only tolerated. Major, maybe it’s really time to get out. Go play with yo grand children and find some joy in the rest of your life, and leave the ingrates in the NDP to fight up with FIVE IN A ROW!

    • If Leacock were to speak like this in the ULP he would have bad things happen to him. dissent and free opinions are not allowed in the ULP. You have to do as you are told by Ralph

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