The Possibility Of Being Deported To St Vincent Scares Me

Joan Thomas came to Britain in May 1965 Photo SKY NEWS

Vincentian national Joan Thomas is part of the Windrush generation that came to Britain as the country sought to rebuild after the Second World War.

The group is named after the cruise ship that brought one of the first large groups of West Indians to Britain.

In an interview with Sky News, Thomas said she called a Home Office helpline with her concerns over warnings that she and her peers could be deported unless they can prove they are entitled to be in the UK.

Thomas arrived at Heathrow Airport on 12 May 1965, at that time she was 12 years old, and came to join her mother.

“St Vincent is where I was born, but Britain is my home”.

“Now though, if I want to stay in the UK, it seems I need to find a piece of evidence for every year I’ve been here. Medical history, school history – they have to check it all”.

Who is going to keep an employment record back to 1972, when I started work, or their NHS access, or their P60?

It’s a daunting prospect she told Sky News.

Thomas said she have seen people in the news who haven’t got any documentation confirming their status, and that made her very worried.

“ I came here on a British passport. When I landed at Heathrow, they stamped it. I’ve still got that stamp, but I can’t recall having any other documentation to support it”.

The stamp said, “to join mother”.

I checked, and I haven’t seen a stamp that says “right to abode”. That’s what flagged everything up for me, and I’m feeling anxious – really really anxious, Thomas said.

“At the time, our parents didn’t think they had to register us. My mother didn’t, so I think she didn’t know”.

Thomas told Sky News that It is a great shock because they thought they were British. My passport said “British citizen”. My mindset is British; everything I do is British.

The possibility of being deported to St Vincent scares me. How am I going to survive in a country I don’t know?

I’ve read endless news stories, and seen what the Home Secretary, Amber Rudd, is saying. She seemed very sincere when she said she would ensure that people like myself won’t get deported, but who knows?

“You don’t know what’s going to happen. You don’t know how they’re going to act. So we just have to wait and see”.


  1. Well I born 1978 and when I came here and I work my first two years I save my money and get my status sorted I make sure my kids as young as 2 get there passport for both st Vincent and Britain even if they not traveling no way. Sense make before book.

    • Bravo. Too bad many of the dunces who migrated to the UK between 1954 and 1965 did not have your sense.

  2. Look here A.L.S or should I say C. ben-David or what ever you wish to call yourself, why would you not just keep that arrogant and foolish mouth of yours tightly shut and just try and listen and learn for once, rather than forever assuming that you and only you alone knows that which is correct and true.
    Why must you continually and forever display that gross sickness that you so sadly suffers from, this “delusion of grandeur”! This fixed false belief that you somehow possess superior knowledge and qualities to the rest of us, is getting rather quite nauseating. It is indeed the absolute sign of your most sad schizophrenia.
    For your information freak, this issue was first raised in the British House of Commons some three years ago and was quietly ignored and brushed aside because it was inconvenient. Yes that’s politics!
    When these measures that is now affecting these people was being put together, the then young Government Minister who was responsible for it, recently said, that he had many representation on the matter from various institutions but that he could not anticipate the extent of the potential problem, so nothing was done to avert the problems.
    These “old people” as you call them, went to the UK as children and had no cause nor need to do any different, as all other UK residents do. The UK is all that they know and all UK residents never had a need in the past, to produce proof of Residence nor proof of identity, unlike some other countries.
    However, under the administration of PM Tony Blair, mass migration into the UK became the norm, creating a problem and causing locals to have a feeling that they were being swamped by outsiders, who were exploiting their facilities, so Government that felt they had to know who was entitled and who was not, hence the need for the now infamous “documentation”.
    In the drive to know who was who, the Government had forgotten that those whom they had call there from the Caribbean to rebuilt the Country after the War, had brought children with them, children who were as BRITISH as any other. Those children were now grown up, had no need of Passports nor any other documentations just like all British residents.
    Therefore without writing an entire research paper regarding what all in the UK now regard as a tremendous blunder and disgrace on the part of their Government, suffice to say, the entire British House of Commons have expressed their gratitude to these OLD PEOPLE and their PARENTS, who answered the call by Britain, and rebuilt the UK after the war.
    I am sure the British PM and her Home secretary’s apology for the shocking blunder, is well accepted by the OLD PEOPLE too.

  3. Alyo Vincy people really could pull down Alyo own people boiii leave the woman alone in her age and time what she want to be back in st.Vincent for what is here for her who willingly will go and work for her and put food on her.when will Vincentians wake up and see this world how it’s going if the woman was 12 years and in UK and survive how else will she survive it’s because of her mother and maybe other people around her. now coming back to st.Vincent after so many years how will she survive at this age.Ignorance is a hell of a thing for most of us.not only her alone this is happening to there are many others in different place’s such JA T&T etc…if you cant help with something just leave it where it is and let someone who can help to do it and shut yall pipe hole with alyo bunch of negatives….if she have family down here who she don’t want to come back and meet I don’t give her wrong because alyo will sit down in Vincy while they out come Sun come Snow alyo ain’t know how they make it through the day but waiting pateintly for them to send there money if they don’t is real word alyo giving them.Vincentians alyo too ungrateful and badmind time for alyo to dash way them things they.Leave the woman alone

  4. Kason one takes it that you are in the UK for you write ” when I came here”!Therefore we take it that you live in the UK.
    If you are in the UK you must be aware that UK residents, unlike those on the Continent or in North America, never at any time ever had any need of I.D documents nor a need of a Passport, if it was never their intentions to travel.
    These affected individuals are UK residents and UK citizens who had never had any intentions nor any need to travel, therefore they had no need to produce any documents whatsoever.
    The lack of need for the production of documents, had always been the case in the UK, except for a brief period during the War years, when ID cards were introduced but was scrapped when the War was over.
    This situation all changed when the law was change recently, requiring residents to prove their entitlement to social services or to Rented accommodation or on the reentry into the UK.
    Further not only did the law change requiring residents to show entitlement, it further demanded that even if the person were to show that they resided in the UK, there is an additional requirement for the affected person to show a continuous residence in the UK since 1973.
    Therefore, even if the affected person could show that they had resided in the UK since 1973 and is employed, they needs further to show that this was continuous since 1973.
    As most UK/British residence never in the past had ever had a need to produce such documentations to anyone, and these affected individuals are as British as any other, such documentation are never at hand and most difficult to find.
    For sure, it is much easier for a UK born individual to obtain a “Birth Certificate” in order to show that they were born in the UK and to British parents, as all they need to do is make an application to the “Department of Births and Marriages” where upon such information is at hand.
    If however that individual was born outside the UK and have never ever had a need to answer such questions as to, how and when they arrived in the UK, or if they have rights to legal residency in the UK, why would they ever have anticipated a change in what had always existed in Britain for hundreds of years. No British person, no matter of origin, could have ever anticipated what this Government subsequently did.
    If however like you, who had lived outside the UK and went up there, and began working there, you may well feel the need to apply to the state for British citizenship, but you must understand that these people, are already British Citizens as is confirmed by the British Government. The new law just required them to prove it and that was totally unfair.
    These people are therefore required by the new Immigration Law that was passed in haste, to do something that no British person was ever required to do, prior to the introduction of this new Immigration Law.
    As a result all British parliamentarians are now in agreement in saying that this is wrong and are seeking to put these matters right. This you should know if you are living up there.

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