The Mind Matters SVG campaign

Vincentian youth are now more aware of mental health issues because of The Mind Matters SVG campaign.

During the month of July, youths were engaged in mental health awareness presentations entitled, “Understanding mental health and mental illness” during summer programmes at SVG Save the Children Fund (Vinsave), Streams of Power church and the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Coast Guard Service.

On Friday 4th August, 2017 children of the Urban Youth Arts and Sports Summer Program and Cathedral of the Assumption Children’s Summer Camp showcased how sports and art can be used to maintain/ improve one’s mental health after presentations addressing these topics through, sporting activities and drawings respectively.

SVG Coast Guard Service Youth Development Summer Programme participants ask questions after the mental health awareness PowerPoint presentation.

In the afternoon, adults learned exercise techniques that help to manage stress, anxiety and depression at Constant Fitness SVG location of the Grenadine House parking lot.

The Mind Matters SVG campaign was founded in 2016 by teacher Ms. Jodie Dennie, after increased violent acts involving persons with a history of mental illness occurred on the island.

“The purpose of this campaign is to enable the Vincentian audience, ranging from ages 10 to 30 years,  to have a better understanding of mental illnesses, how they can be affected and know precautions/ steps to take to avoid mental illnesses and help those affected,” said` Dennie, coordinator and presenter of  The Mind Matters SVG.

A co-ed game of netball by the Urban Youth Art Summer program.

The campaign was launched on April 7th, 2017 on World Health Day with its participation of the #LetsTalk World Health Organization (WHO) campaign.

To spread awareness to mature audiences, Ms Dennie wrote the mental health aspects of scenes for locally play entitled, ‘The Bar’, which was staged at the Peace Memorial Hall from Friday 28th – Sunday 30th Aril, 2017.

The Mind Matters SVG was approved by the Chief Medical Officer of the Ministry of Health, Wellness and Environment, Dr Simone Keizer – Beache.

The summer initiatives were made possible through the agreement of the summer programme facilitators as well as the participation of medical students from the American University of St. Vincent and the Grenadines and fitness trainer, Mr Gary Constantine.

The Mind Matters SVG is a non – profit campaign supporting mental health awareness of Vincentians. Through these initiatives, The Mind Matters SVG seeks to empower a new generation to eradicate the stigma and discrimination associated with mental illness. You can find out more from the following social media sites.

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