The Caribbean must awaken to sea-level rise dangers

Inga Rhonda King, , President of ECOSOC UN Photo/Rick Bajornas

(MIAMI HERALD) – Nov. 11 marks the launch of a smart major campaign by the United Nations Economic and Social Council, which has adopted the idea — with added urgency — of helping create a climate change survival blueprint for the Caribbean.

The effort is being led by Inga Rhonda King, president of the council who hails from the islands of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. She knows well knows the dramatic impact climate change can have of the Caribbean island chain. We praise her leadership on such an important issue.

The council is declaring that the paramount mission now is to bring together government and business leaders, scientists and civil society activists to deliver solutions and build climate resilience to the Caribbean as a whole.

King says the Caribbean islands near Florida have yet to unite, organize and act as one in dealing with climate change. There is no pact in place for the string of islands, which rely heavily on tourism to survive.

“Either we sink together or build climate resilience. There is no other option,” King said. “The time to talk is over, the time to act is now.” She’s right.

King wants to ring the bell loudly with this campaign — and she has hard numbers to allude to the looming devastation. Last year, climate-related worldwide disasters caused $320 billion in damage, wiping out decades of development gains in some places. For the Caribbean, the island chains’ very existence is at stake.

Economically, it has long been a tourism magnet and source of revenue. What would become of the billion-dollar cruise line industry without the Caribbean islands as a destination if the landscape is overwhelmed by the invading oceans?

King told the Miami Herald Editorial Board that the Caribbean needs to catch up to neighbors like Florida — or else.

She detailed three main “must-dos” for the Caribbean to prepare for future under a foot of water:

1. Develop a clear and compelling long-term vision to be a climate-resilient region.

2. Acquire requisite support from the international community, in terms of both financial and technical resources, for what is in many respects a resource-constrained region.

3. Translate the regional and national vision into concrete programs that can deliver climate resilience using a whole-of-society approach.

“Everyone is a partner, and this is not a government alone initiative,” King said.


  1. Climate Change is certainly real. It has been occurring long before humans were on the earth. Global Warming is certainly a hoax. Readers should watch on Youtube “The Great Global Warming Swindle” which includes testimony of some of the greatest scientists in the field. What the video is not about is why the hoax. Readers should ask themselves why do the owners of the big oil companies, banks and the politicians promote the Global Warming Agenda when we would think that they (at least the oil companies) have the most to lose? It is all about “Carbon Credits”, “Cap and Trade” related to the collapse of fiat currency and of course TAXES to pay for it all. Countries like Saint Vincent will lose the most. If you think we are poor now…? We would be given many Carbon Credits which are essentially a license to pollute but. They are otherwise worthless until we sell them. Leaders of poor countries will sell them for needed revenue. Those that buy them because they have the fiat money to do so are then allowed to produce and pollute those that sold them are not allowed to produce, especially when anything that is related to CO2 is involved. The developed countries can make products as well as pollute and we are prohibited from doing so. This includes cattle. Cows produce much methane gas when they fart so we would not be able to afford to haw cows anymore. This is just an example but there are many more, such as even children. The developed countries get richer and we get poorer; after the money we get from the credits is spent. ENDGAME! There will even be a tax on breathing, essentially life itself, and farting! They figure how many breaths and farts a person indulges in per year and that is the taxed. For my neighbor they should charge double for the farting category.
    Does anyone think in their right mind that the rich powerful countries, the big oil companies and the banks are going to give their wealth to the poor countries? Does anyone that knows this think there is a way we will trick them, that they haven’t already figured it all out? Climate Compliance is one thing but we should not let ourselves be fooled by these greedy tricksters. Another thing. CO2 is not a pollution. There is much less of it today than at most times in the history of the planet, especially long before the industrial age. If we significantly reduce it we could destroy all life on earth. It is one of the most essential elements for plant life and thus all life.
    Climate is driven almost entirely by the output of the sun. (I learned that when I studied Climate Science and Ecology in the University) I hate pollution more than anyone, but do not let these evil people cheat you out of your money under the guise that you are helping save the planet, based on alarmist hoaxes!
    Most leaders did not study atmospheric Science so they are easy to fool. Those that do not go along with Global Warming are labeled hate mongers and HERITICS. Most lose their funding and their jobs. Most of them already have. Hillary Clinton says they should get the death penalty! It is the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on mankind in history.
    I will be surprised if the editor even publishes my comment online. If he/she does, thank you for your courage!

  2. By the way, the sea level is not rising and the polar icecaps are not melting. The North Pole icecap is relatively the largest it has ever been in recorded human history. The Global Warming hoaxers told us that by the year 2000 eight major cities would be under water. They said by the year 2013 there would be no more snow and ice on earth and yet we are recording the coldest winters on record.
    How many times do you have to be fooled until you realize that something is not right? Will you still allow it when the governments continue to create new taxes for their war against the environment, and not just Hotel Room Tax? Believe me, on the agenda is a Global Tax on breathing and therefore a tax on life; as if we are not already paying that in so many other ways.

  3. I would like to know what her solution is to stop the erosion. Why doesn’t she just get to the point, TAXES! She gets to not only keep her job but to get a million dollar pay raise. If we all just pay thousands more in taxes, each, the bad weather may just go away. Since that may not work, it would only take about 20 Trillion US Dollars to build a breakwater around Saint Vincent main island. If we increase that to about 980 Trillion we can save many other parts of the Caribbean! Everyone on earth will only have to bay 50,000 US Dollars each year, more in taxes to make this happen! Let’s do it! The bankers and Governments will love it!

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