The Buddy Gutter Road Nightmare

Residents of (Buddy Gutter) Lowman’s Bay may have to wait until sometime in the near future for a proper access road.

On the 12th of March, News784 was told by residents of the area that the Buddy Gutter village road has become a nightmare for villagers and an election tool for politicians.

In parliament on Thursday 6th April, area representative Daniel Cummings asked Minister of Transport and works Julian Francis if the joining and completion of two portions of the road in Buddy Gutter would be completed soon.

In response, Minister Francis noted that the terrain is difficult but stabilization work will be done on the two portions of concrete base already in the area.

The Minister said he can’t give a timeline for the completion of the road in itself. “We can’t give a commitment as to how soon that can be done”.

In March of 2017, residents told News784 that; “We have endured many falls, many ankles being twisted”.

“Over the years, and it’s been 25 years for me, one resident said, all the politicians from Horne to Charles said it would be done. I have heard it and never seen it, am done”.

Area representative Daniel Cummings told the parliament that residents are willing to donate time, manpower and trucks for the transportation of materials, in response, the Minister stated that Cummings’ suggestion would be taking into consideration.

Residents told News784 last month, that BRAGSA (Buildings, Roads and General Services Authority) came on many occasions to survey the area, but after numerous visits, with measuring tape and other equipment, so much so they have stop counting.

The residents also told us that the Hon Daniel Cummings have made numerous efforts in the parliament to highlight their plight, but from what they have seen, like every other idea brought by the opposition, it is brushed aside.

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