“The Aggressor has to pay”

“Colin Graham has chosen his part on the current saga of the domestic abuse issue that has surfaced since being elected by the East St George constituency Council of the New Democratic Party”. Hon Julian Francis

General Secretary of the ULP Julian Francis speaking on radio last evening said that when you have persons such as Luzette King and Kendol Neverson defending an indefensible situation the aggressor becomes the victim.

“As far as these people are concern Colin is the victim, not the women who Francis alleges that Graham has abused, not those in previous relationships who suffered and went to hospital five and six times, they are not the victim for some in the NDP, no Colin is the victim”.

Francis said Graham is going to be the victim and lead this fight onward, on the matter of domestic abuse, “Please give me a break”.

The General Secretary said he knows the young lady. However, he was not aware she was taking so many blows like the others.

Francis further alleges that the pattern is a standard part of the young man.

“Now all these people who come to his defense, he becomes the victim, so he gets suspended, you forget about the girl”.

Francis spoke about the recent tragedy of Monique Clarke and Vesta Rawlins, who died as a result of domestic abuse; he said a man who beats a woman, gets so angry they come close to killing.

Francis said he had seen domestic violence. However, he never made it a part of his DNA; he further stated that he had to restrain a very close friend who used to abuse his wife.

The General Secretary said he had seen women who have gone to the hospital at the hand of abusers and it is not a beautiful sight, yet Graham is telling the public he is glad such incident was brought to light.

“You know about it for all these years and now because it came in the open, you going to launch a campaign against her and expect people to take you seriously”.

The victims are the women who use to be with Colin Graham; those are the victims, not Colin Graham, Francis said.

“Let’s change the subject, let’s changed the discussion; the aggressor has to pay, not the victim, I see some comments being made about the young lady, it’s a good thing they don’t know about the first two”.

Francis said he had to say his piece on the matter because he knows Colin.

“We were good friends, We still say hello, we worked together politically, I knew the two women he was married too”.

Francis said the Johnny come lately who are trying to make Colin into a God,  and the victim, in this case, he can’t take that side.

The young ladies are the ones we should be concerned about the General Secretary noted.


  1. We must change the mind-set of majority of women in
    St.vincent. This is not a finger pointing matter; we must
    Stop making excuses for abusers. This man continues to abuse
    Women and getting away with it. It is sickening to read about
    His pattern of abuse.

  2. When ever you go into Politics your dirty laundry is exposed.You are taking your forcus now on Colin but he is not the only abruserif your accusations are correct.There are many abrusers in Svg.they just haven,t come to light.So more research need to be done.People that are being abuse are to scared to come forward.

  3. Why, oh why is Senator Francis getting involved in this Colin / Iyah domestic melee, this hullabaloo? MAN, STAY OUTTA THIS, STAY OUTTA THIS! Wey do you…eh? Ah bet yo, you gwine regret yo open yo mouth…wait n see!
    Senator,why you didn’t shut up and ley de ting play out by ee self nah…Cheese-on- bread!

  4. Strange that Mr. Francis knows so much more about Graham’s personal life than anyone else. He alleges he knows all these women and alleges Graham put them in the hospital. Why did none of this come out in the recent press? If this man is so violent why didn’t our police intervene? If all of it is true, the NDP would never have allowed Graham to come close to running for a seat. More smoke and mirrors and Francis acting as a hatchet man. The abuse of the one woman has been proven to be true, the rest is possibly made up, to insure Graham never runs.
    Consider this people:
    If it were all true, the ULP would have waited until the election and then totally destroyed Graham insuring “The Boy Wonder” could run “uncontested”!

    Society in Saint Vincent knows Francis very well. He does NOT have the reputation of being a nice guy.

    The ULP must have been really, really frightened of Graham.

  5. This is so true days before Facebook was lighting up about standing against abuse when the lady was burnt by her boys, now most of those people are silent because the support apart.So sad but if this were Ralph Facebook would have caught fire. Let us still stand against abuse this is not putting your mouth in people’s business as one comment is saying….its standing against domestic abuse…..Colin is not the Vitim he is the aggressor… No one conspired for him to abuse a woman so if they consider to get it out there well …..we need more of this sort of conspiracy… Conspire and bring an end to domestic violence….. A lot of victims refuse to speak because society always finds an excuse for the abuse….I stand against Domestic violence and violence against woman

  6. If Senator Francis wants’ to address Domestic Abuse in this forum then do so by all means; sure to get my approval and overall support, but don’t get personal. Getting personal is what struck me the most, what I got from his narrative, and definitely disagree with…No can do Senator, no can do!

  7. Any aspiring politician who has aspiration to run against the wonder boy in East St George be warned that he or she must have clean hands or suffer the same fate as Collin. East St George is dynasty turf. Any attempt to encroach on this will result in a clandestine war to eliminate the opponent. Be warned that East St George is given special status. Stay away from the crown prince territory or you will become another victim. I predict that wonder boy would be acclaimed in the next election.

  8. The law states that to run as a political candidate in SVG you must not have been convicted of any crime in a court of law.In the absence of that you may back down on moral grounds.Let the people decide if he is to represent them.

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