Taxi Shortage! Omni Buses Assisted In Transporting Visitors

 With some 5000 passengers descending on port Kingstown by way of two cruise vessels, visitors were virtually left waiting for the next best choice in transportation.

The TUI cruises docked at 7 am, while Costa Magica berthed sometime around 8 am on Wednesday morning.

On average, according to an official, there are about or little over 200 registered Taxi, however, the influx left drivers overwhelmed.

Several omnibuses had to be pulled off their regular route to the handle groups of visitors who wanted to tour the island.

Several drivers told News784 that it was not a bad idea deviating from their route for the period since the extra cash is a welcome incentive.

Taxi operators told News784 that they may have to look at larger buses since the industry is now taking off and the capacity to handle two ships at once in terms of transportation will have to be addressed as quickly as possible.

The next call to port Kingstown would be on Friday with the docking of AIDA Perla carrying some 4000 passengers.

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