TAX Amnesty Extended Until June 30th 2018

(KINGSTOWN) – The tax amnesty which was announced by the government in the 2018 budget has been extended.

The announcement came from Finance minister Camilo Gonsalves.

He told the parliament this is being done in response to the continuing demand from the four largest accounting firms who have to ask for more time in bringing particular cooperate accounts more current.

“ In light of the following, the tax amnesty that was announced in February budget presentation will be extended until the 30th June 2018”.

The minister said this is a six weeks extension and according to the firms this is sufficient time to get matters in order.

Minister Gonsalves said he would like to thank the 496 firms that have taken advantage of the amnesty period so far.

“ I don’t want delinquent taxpayers to think that if they miss this upcoming deadline they will simply wait till next year, No !, I urge you go make the necessary arrangements in this period”, the Minister stated.

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  1. It is good to see that the government is able to show some compassion. The amnesty was a good move from a government that otherwise has bad financial and economic policy. Hopefully, one day soon, they will drastically lower taxes and duties so the country can finally start moving forward economically. If they did that…I might even consider voting for the ULP. They would actually have to do it instead of all the un-kept election promises.

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