Taiwan To Donate School Bus And Agricultural Machinery

The Government of the Republic of China (Taiwan) will be donating 10 school buses and 24 pieces of agricultural machinery to the Government of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.

There will be a handing over ceremony for the aforementioned on Monday, August 28, 2017 at the E.T. Joshua Parking Lot at 3 p.m.

The ceremony will be attended by the Honorable Prime Minister of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines as well as the Vice Minister of Taiwan.


  1. Why not write that the ceremony will be attended by our “Beggar in chief” or to put it another way, will be attended by our Chief beggar, Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves, wannabe king of the Vincentian people! Ruler over the Plantation Nation of SVG!

    We will be forever grateful to the Taiwanese people for their generous gifts to us poor beggars but has any one ask the Taiwanese Tax Payers how do they feel about our constant and incessant begging?

    When will our crappy Government grow our economy and stop this relentless ongoing begging, it is most nauseating to say the least!

  2. I think for appearance purposes it will look better if the Govt purchased the equipment at discounted prices. when does the begging stop?

  3. Explain yourself Champ!
    We have no idea what you are referring to! Who Champ is responsible for (a) the short term memory and (b) short term memory about what dear Champ?

    Please do tell!

  4. The Taiwanese government is reaping more than they are delivering. There is a serious underlying issue respecting this whole diplomatic arrangement. We know that they are taking our natural resources that is worth far more than what we are getting in return, but what else are they getting that is not known to JOHN of JOE Public.

  5. Here is a thing to note about “The Plantation Nation of SVG” that is ruled over by a Neo- Colonialist! Only the Plantation Boss and his family has control of the Plantation and those on the Plantation.

    This is how executive control is exercised over the land and its people on Plantation SVG. The boss man sees to it that he holds all the means of both knowledge and power on the Plantation by awarding himself and family all the power positions on Plantation SVG.

    As a Neo-Colonialist Ralph Gonsalves holds the positions of Prime Minister, then Minister of Finance, or (Chancellor of the Exchequer)or control of the Plantation moneys, then Minister for National Security, followed by Minister for All Legal Affairs to do with Plantation SVG, then Minister for Grenadine Affairs and ending with Minister for The Public Service.

    With all that taken care of there may well be a few some loose ends on Plantation SVG, and they are taken care of by the Crown Prince, “the Boy Wonder” the King’s Son Camillo Gonsalves!

    Just how does one organise SVG dimwits? Camillo Gonsalves knows as he holds the title of Minister of Economic Planning! What economics we may well ask! Nevertheless, Plantation SVG has a Minister of Economic Planning and since we are not any good with economic Planning, Plantation SVG is kept afloat with generous Grants and donations!

    These Grants and Donations are much needed to cover up the bankruptcy of Plantation SVG. The begging by Plantation SVG hides the fact that Crown Prince Camillo also is useless in putting to good use his Ministerial ship as Minister for Sustainable Development together with that of Minister for Industry.

    What Industry is another good question but Minister for Industry he is, together with that of Minister for Internal Trade. This portfolio is to be had just in case there is trade between areas of Plantation SVG. Trade in what who knows!

    Those Ministerial ship is capped with control of Plantation SVG information system through the Office of Minister for Information. Will the Plantation serfs have access to information on Plantation SVG? The short answer is categorically, No!

    The evidence for this is that a much promised “FREEDOM OF INFORMATION ACT” is now gathering dust in the parliament building and has been so gathering dust now for many years.

    Well the surfs must be kept well under control, in ignorance and under order, so the Crown Prince final Ministerial ship is that of Minister for Labour. Thus between King Ralph and the Crown Prince Camillo, Plantation SVG could be kept under control to the family’s benefit.

    But do not think for one moment that is all! No, There is the spending of those Grants and much needed Donations! Now arise dear Cousin Julian Francis, Cousin to the King, Minister of State in the Ministry of Transport!

    Arise dear Cousin to the King Minister of Works! Surfs are now paid before the Plantation natives becomes restive. Kindly Donations and Gifts are to be appreciated!

    Arise Minister for Urban Development! What development? Search me I have no idea where it begins nor where it stops!

    Arise again Cousin to the King holding the post of Minister for Local Government. Yes, Minister for Local Government. What Local Government you ask. Search me, I have no idea either as Plantation SVG has no Local Government but the tittle sounds good and the pay take is exceedingly rewarding.

    • So if he beg is that a crime if you can get something free why the hell pay for it please.
      H.james,Camey,Richard Francis and others the prime minister is not trying to suck his own cock he is there to build the country all of you to blind to see.

    • So if he beg is that a crime if you can get something free why the hell pay for it please.
      H.james,Camey,Richard Francis and others the prime minister is not trying to suck his own cock he is there to build the country you guys so fucking sick.

  6. Scorpio you have disclosed to us, by your writing, who you are and that is, you are just the very product of “PLANTATION SVG”. Your vocabulary Scorpio is just what we would expect of one such as you. A very base person! A gross sort sometimes described by many as a bottom feeder!

    For your information Scorpio, as you may also would be expected to be lacking in normal principles of accepted morality and that’s not in any way at all surprising, considering the extent of your deprived background. For your information, people of accepted norms of morality disliked beggars and thieves!

    Your outburst Scorpio also gives an insight into and helps us discern what it is that makes up the cannon fodder of the SVG PLANTATION. It gives us a capacity to gain an accurate and deep understanding of your poor schooling. Perhaps you may find some comfort in reading George Orwell’s book “Animal Farm” if it does not prove too demanding nor too strenuous for you, your character could be found in its many pages.

  7. Scorpio if you have a real argument to make and put forward in defence of your PAPA, which one doubts that you have, as you do not appear to be bright enough so to do, why don’t you boldly make it, rather than just shoot-and-scoot.

    Perhaps you have a need to return to educational classes after your yeas growing up on Plantation SVG! You could borrow one of my frocks if you have nothing to wear.

    Plato once wrote that the wise speak because they have something to say; fools because they have to say something. To which would belong Scorpio old fruit?

    My dear Scorpio I do not think that you truly have an understanding as to who would show signs of the ailment known as schizophrenia. However, if you wish to pigeonhole me and my kind, go and research “Kojo and the Maroons”! Or as some may say Cudjoe! We don’t shoot-and–scoot, the only running away we do is to run away from SLAVERY!

    So, next time you happens to be outside Scorpio, take time to look up into the sky and watch the Hawk. See how bold she is as she wings herself swiftly through the sky, both bold and free.

    Know this that alike the Hawk we could never be herded like sheep!

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