SVG’s First National Corporate Public Speaking Championship

On Saturday, 23rd February, there was an exhilarating atmosphere in the conference room at the Girl Guides’ Headquarters where the preliminary round of the first National Corporate Public Speaking Championship (NCPSC) in SVG was held.  The dynamic programme, chaired by Ms. Arlette Miller, included remarks by Toastmasters Area Director, Ms. Rosemary Sweeney as well as contestants’ interview and presentation of certificates by Ms. Gloria Williams.

A short yet vibrant impromptu speaking segment which allowed audience participation, was facilitated by Mr. Reynold Baptiste. Though not a Toastmasters event in the strictest sense, the organizing and facilitating teams of this prestigious event are all toastmasters of this country.

The preliminary round of the National Corporate Public Speaking Championship (NCPSC) comprised the following sixteen (16) participants: Trackeisha Davis of Argyle International Airport (AIA), Ryan John and Syprian Isaacs of  BDO,  Mikhail Akers of Central Water & Sewerage Authority (CWSA), Samanthia Charles of Eastern Caribbean Group Of Companies (ECGC),  Shaquille Lewis of Jaycees (JCI), Kimsha Williams of  KMK Fashion/Learning For Living, Cavel King Jr and Iyande Bramble of  Massy Stores (SVG), Delano Burke and Joel Jack of  Metrocint General Insurance Co. Ltd, Eustasha Walter and Kyron Duncan of National Telecommunications Regulatory Commission (NTRC), Cliseena Butler and Moise Cummings of  RSVG Police Force and Marla Nanton-James of  XS Steel Inc.

Based on the judges selection, the following ten (10) participants will proceed to the semi-finals: Iyande Bramble, Delano Burke, Cliseena Butler, Samanthia Charles, Moise Cummings, Trackeisha Davis, Kyron Duncan, Cavel King Jr., Marla Nanton-James and Kimsha Williams.

The semi-final round will take place on March 16th and the finals on April 13th.

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