The St. Vincent and Grenadines Association of Toronto Inc., an organization of SVG nationals residing in the Greater Toronto Area of Ontario, Canada, launched the Adopt-A-Child Program in 2007 with the goal of assisting children in primary schools in SVG with their basic needs in order to get a sound foundation during their early school life.

Two students, one from the Spring Village Methodist School and one from Cane End Government School were the initial beneficiaries of this program in 2008. In 2013, another two children, one from Fairhall Government School and the other from Tourama Government School benefitted. From the reports at the completion of the sponsorship of those children, all of them did very well and credit was given to the financial assistance the program provided them.

In 2018, which happened to be the 50th year of operation for the organization, with the assistance of other parties, the organization decided to sponsor six (6) other children from six primary schools – Buccament Government, Calliaqua Anglican, Dickson Methodist, Lauders Primary, Lower Bay Public in Paget Farm, Bequia and Marriaqua Government.

Mr. Odel “Ewan” Lewis and Ms. Silma Millington, two former presidents of the Association who have returned to live in SVG are liaison personnel for the Association here and made the most recent presentations.

Each time a group of students is to be selected, the Association draws randomly from a list of primary schools in SVG and when the schools are selected, the Association communicates with the school instructing them to form a small committee including a community resident who is not a school teacher to select a child based on his or her financial needs to receive the financial support for a five-year period. The committee acts as trustees for the selected students and liaise with the child, parent and the Association during the term of sponsorship.

The Association is proud of this program as one way for persons in the diaspora to assist with the education of young people in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. The Board of Directors of the Association is grateful to the members and other individuals who support this program, to the schools that participates in the program and the children and parents who accept the gesture.