SVG To Provide Trinidad With US$40,000 In Flood Relief

St Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG) will show support to Trinidad and Tobago, which was recently affected by torrential rain and floods, by donating the sum of US$40,000.

Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves indicated this during his address at the 39th Independence Day celebration, at Victoria Park Saturday morning.

The Prime Minister affirmed the country’s position on climate change, stating, “St. Vincent and the Grenadines stand in solidarity with all who suffer from the scourge of climate change.”

He announced, “Last week, our Cabinet approved the sum of US$40,000 as a mark of our solidarity with the people of Trinidad and Tobago consequent on the terrible floods which have recently afflicted them.”

Trinidad and Tobago was subject to heavy rain between October 18 and 19, which also resulted in strong floods that caused extensive damage to homes and businesses.


  1. Thank you svg come from a long waythank god for all that he has done for us 39 years of independence that we can help others who are in need no child go hungry and for what we are doing out side of svg are doing to help the country we areall working for god be bless have a great joyful day one love gave thanks and prayers to the Lord amen peace be bless

  2. There we go again! It is indeed very easy to give away to those who already have, what in really is not yours, when one is grandstanding!

  3. No one deny my dear Observer that there has been some local problems in Trinidad and Tobago but this is but local problems that they could well cope with within their own resources, after all, just take a little look at the declared Gross domestic product for Trinidad and Tobago, it is a whopping 22.1 billion USD for (2017) while the declared Gross domestic product for Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, for the same period, is a minor 789.6 million USD. What does that tell us my dear Observer?
    We here in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines have had what could only be termed as an ongoing disaster on a grand scale for some time now. An ongoing disaster of seriously poor health care, poor town-scape, a poor road network, poor business environment and shockingly sky-high taxes, that most here are struggling to pay. So let us just get real for once dear Observer and stop paying the big man, by pretending that we are much better off than what we really are.
    Yes, it is indeed so very, very easy to give away what in really is truly not yours to give away, especially when it is to those who already have, when one is boastfully grandstanding and playing the big man!
    With Trinidad and Tobago’s, GDP being a whopping 22.1 billion USD and ours at just 789.6 million USD, the matter surely is rather quite clear as to who has needs my dear Observer!
    So no, no, no my dear Observer, observe for good measure a little more closely and ponder even more so!
    These surely my dear, are far from being senseless rhetoric in a time of disaster elsewhere and very, very far from being just purely petty things. Just get real! Are we not beggars pretending that we are rich, just to satisfy a king-sized, gross and gargantuan ego?

  4. What on earth are you on about Observer? What? Be clear and specific! Rebut those facts here put before you if you can. What spectacles might they be?
    With the Trinidad and Tobago’s, GDP coming in at a whopping 22.1 billion USD and ours at just 789.6 million USD, we are just minnows, no better than sprats! Poor beggars are we, with a grandstanding Prime Minister who loves to play the big man with cash to give away.

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